Mahaan Movie Review: Vikram and Dhruv Vikram’s mind game, style, swag!

Mahaan Movie Review: Mahaan is an upcoming film by actors Vikram and Dhruv Vikram. The film has been planned to release in theatres in the past. But due to the covid restrictions, the film is going to release on Amazon Prime. This is the first movie for Vikram to release the movie directly on OTT.

Vikram may not make a mistake in casting the exact line of the character. But all eyes will be on Dhruv Vikram who offered a few glimpses of his prowess in the promo videos. The film will release exactly by today 10 PM. Mahaan movie released on Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam at the same time.

Mahaan Movie Review

After that, we can hear the reviews from the audience and cinema critics. But most of the audience tells positive reviews after seeing a trailer and teaser.

Download Mahaan movie is trending on social media and mahaan movie leaks also trending on social media. But none of the scenes from the movie has leaked. So all the fans keep calm and wait till 10 PM to watch the movie. Watch Mahaan full movie online HD at Amazon Prime.

Mahaan Movie Review:

  • Mahaan interval: Chiyaan Vikram‘s 1-man show so far. His fans will love it. Acting range, style, swag – all pakka. The star plays his age. Gandhi Mahaan’s life totally changes after he turns 40, from Mr.Clean to Mr.Wild. KS has showcased the star well, Kenny must’ve had great fun!
  • Dhruv Vikram will come in the interval block and that scene will create goosebumps to all.
  • Vikram shows all the way. He emotes well Mahaan is a father-son rivalry who are opposite poles. More of action and emotion. Little lengthy. Verdict: Only for Chiyaan Vikram fans. Rating: 2.5/5
  • Run time: 162 minutes
  • Dhruv is quite good for his age, superb effort. The father-son confrontation and the mind game in the climax is a scream! After Jigarthanda, Bobby simha gets a solid role here and he performed well. Sanath is also too good!
  • The solid second half gives this gangster flick the much-needed high! Chiyaan Vikram (one of his best) scores big time in the emotionally charged 2nd half! The family and friendship angle makes us invest fully in the latter part of the film. Good work by Karthik Subbaraj.
  • After hearing many reviews, the second half of the film was liked by most of the fans than the first half. Dhruv acted this film with fearlessness and gives full effort to the film.
  • #Mahaan is Mystic River(the friendship angle) meets the good old gangster flicks + Gandhian Principles. Takes some time (almost the entire first half) but the grand finale and superb second half is fulfilling!

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