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We do not store or keep any data from your subscribers. However, if you’re sending with us, we do process all the emails to be sent. It means MailPoet only logs email addresses to ensure that our service runs effectively

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SaaS Email Marketing Solutions

SaaS solutions are complete applications that host/support multiple users from a single code base. Examples of traditional email marketing platforms include Mailchimp or MailPoet. They can take on different user interfaces and involve different integrations


What makes MailPoet stand out from the crowd is the fact that it is the first email plugin for WordPress to offer its own sending service, with new releases every week. They’ve been around since 2011 with a user base that grows by over 5000 active websites per week. With MailPoet, users have the options to send emails from MailPoet’s own web host or a third-party service

MailPoet vs Mailchimp

Developers create new software solutions when they see lapses in the products they currently use. As a result, new solutions are constantly coming to the market.One thing many Mailchimp users find inconvenient is the fact that their pricing plans are strict and costly. Spending can quickly go up if you’re not careful. For instance, for anywhere between 2001 and 2500 subscribers, you immediately get bumped to a paid plan worth $30/month

Data Storage

Another concern I have with MailPoet is something I already mentioned above: storing your list on your own server within your WordPress install.This situation makes me worry – the same worry I’d have storing my most valuable papers or possessions on the kitchen table rather than locked away in a safe. It’s probably fine, unless something unfortunate happens.

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Why should I use the MailPoet Sending Service

There’s no restriction on the number of emails you can send with MailPoet Premium.We monitor each and every one of the 30+ million emails that pass through our servers each month, ensuring your emails always reach their destination and no email is left behind. It’s how we maintain our 98.5% deliverability rate, often exceeding industry standards

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