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MailPoet Review: MailPoet is one of the easiest email newsletter plugins for WordPress. So it’s no wonder more than 400, 000 WordPress site owners use MailPoet to send welcome emails, notifications about new posts, and email newsletters to their site’s visitors. MailPoet is a breeze to set up. You can get started for free in less than 20 minutes!

Download, install, and configure the MailPoet plugin. Create email sign-up forms so your site visitors can subscribe to your email list. Create ‘Welcome’ emails that will automatically be sent to new subscribers. Send automatic emails to notify your subscribers whenever you publish new posts. Import subscribers into MailPoet from other email newsletter plugins. Plus much more!

Buy MailPoet Lifetime Deal For $49.00

MailPoet Review

SaaS Email Marketing Solutions

SaaS solutions are complete applications that host/support multiple users from a single code base. Examples of traditional email marketing platforms include Mailchimp or MailPoet. They can take on different user interfaces and involve different integrations. For instance, MailPoet comes in a plugin form, while Mailchimp is a cloud-based SaaS service.


What makes MailPoet stand out from the crowd is the fact that it is the first email plugin for WordPress to offer its own sending service, with new releases every week. They’ve been around since 2011 with a user base that grows by over 5000 active websites per week. With MailPoet, users have the options to send emails from MailPoet’s own web host or a third-party service.

MailPoet Plans

  • Like Mailchimp, MailPoet offers a free plan for its first 2, 000 subscribers — making it possible to compare both to each other without having to spend any money to get started.
  • Over 50 templates to choose from.Drag-and-drop email builder.Automated email notifications for your blog.Welcome email sequence for new subscribers.Support via chat, email, or WordPress support forums (and a dedicated knowledge base).
  • Like Mailchimp, MailPoet offers additional features once you become a paying customer. Paid plans start at $99/year for an unlimited number of subscribers, and includes all of the features on the free plan, as well as:
  • MailPoet also offers a premium plan with pricing that scales depending on your number of subscribers and comes with all the features outlined above. With this plan, you can pay as you go and stop any time you want.

MailPoet Premium offers these nifty extra features:

Send to more than 2000 subscribers A beautiful statistics dashboard to compare your newsletters and subscribers Detailed stats for each subscriber and newsletter Automated bounce handling that keeps your subscribers’ list clean Test your SPAM score before you send a newsletter to your subscribers Improve deliverability with DKIM signature Simple install process Priority support

MailPoet’s Coupon Timeline

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Get Appsumo MailPoet in Deal for$49.00

MailPoet offers three distinct email delivery options:

  1. Email delivery via your web host: While this method effectively reduces your email marketing expenses to zero, I won’t recommend it, as it has poor email delivery rates. Moreover, if you exceed your host’s email sending limit, you’re susceptible to resource overuse notices, and maybe even account suspension or termination.
  2. Email delivery via 3rd-party services: MailPoet supports third-party email delivery services such as Amazon SES or Sendgrid to send emails.
  3. Email delivery via MailPoet’s email sending service: MailPoet also offers its very own email sending servicethat’s optimized for email deliverability, and capable of sending upwards of 50,000 emails/hour. You can enjoy this service in the free plan to send unlimited emails, for up to 1,000 subscribers.

MailPoet is for people who want a simple email marketing solution that they can operate within the WordPress dashboard. If you want to thoroughly optimize your email marketing expenses, and have everything under one roof, then MailPoet is for you!

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