MailTag Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal For $59.00


MailTag Review: MailTag is an email tracking tool and scheduler that helps you make more sales, in less time. Receive real-time desktop alerts when your emails have been opened. Make your emails arrive at the perfect time, every time. Increase your open-rates by scheduling your emails at the perfect time. This online Email Marketing system offers Event Triggered Email, Auto-Responders, Reporting/Analytics, Drip Campaigns, Customer Surveys in one place. Ideal for scheduling email reminders to yourself and others.

Once done, Compose a new email, there you’ll see a Sent with MailTag option in the email signature. This means the mail tracking is working fine. If you don’t want the recipient to know about email tracking, you can remove this message by clicking on the small cross sign next to it. This will remove the MailTag watermark, but the emails will still be tracked.

Buy MailTag Lifetime Deal For $59.00


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Transactional Email Software Features

Dashboard Template Management Multi-factor Authentication Predesigned Email Templates Email Personalization Real-time Reporting Email History Email Tag A/B Testing SMTP Webhooks Custom Metadata Automated IP Warmup Custom Reverse DNS Custom Spam Filter Email Suppression

MailTag: Real-time Email Tracking, Made Easy

I prefer emails over phone calls as I can write way better than I can talk, also with emails it’s much easier to keep track of your conversation. But one thing that emails lack over phone calls is that there is no way to confirm if the recipient receives the email, or was it lost on in the heaps of emails that were already there in their inbox.

Wrapping Up: MailTag, best free email tracker

Is MailTag our pick for the best email tracking service? For free users, sure. The free version of the service is easy to use and offers features that rivals make you pay for. The only issue as of now is, MailTag is only available for Gmail. No support for Inbox, Outlook or Yahoo etc. This review is sponsored by MailTag. 0 comment 0 FacebookTwitterGoogle +Pinterest

MailTag Lifetime Deal. Highlights:

  •  The MailTag lifetime deal is stackable (stack unlimited codes)
  •  Only for new MailTag users who do not have existing accounts
  • Each code gives you 1 extra account.
  •  MailTag allows you to change Gmail accounts if you need to in the future

“Good concept but has some kinks.”

Pros: When using a service like gmail, yahoo, etc. “Read receipts” are nearly impossible. Being in real estate, it is imperative for us to know when an email is opened and/or a link is clicked within the email. It helps to keep us organized and our clients/partners accountable.
Cons: It has some glitches. Our real estate team shares an email and organization is key so items are not missed. This means missed money and opportunities. When moving emails to organized folders within Gmail, MailTag incorrectly sends a notification that the email was opened by the recipient. So the data is not usuable by our firm. Therefore it defeats the whole purpose of having this service. If that could be worked out, it’s a great product that I would continue to use.

Find out if your receiver opened your email

MailTag for Gmail allows you to see if your receiver has opened your email, and it tracks all subsequent openings. The program generates reports on things such as how many emails you sent today, how many you sent that month, and how many of them were opened. Despite the seemingly powerful mechanics behind the extension, it has a very simple design and interface. The way it is laid out and the way it functions is similar to how apps used to look and function in 2012. It feels as if it is missing a few interfaces, buttons and options, but one can hardly complain when the extension and its functions are given away for free.

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