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Marcom Robot Appsumo: Create high-converting landing pages at scale with a drag-and-drop builder. Without a good landing page, smart ad ideas are about as useful as your grandma’s Golden Girls VHS collection.  And while you’re waiting on a developer to build everything, you’re also looking for the right A/B testing tool to optimize pages for a higher ROI.

Marcom Robot lets you build conversion-focused landing pages in no time, whether you’re using a template or starting from scratch. You can drag-and-drop components like text blocks, forms, buttons, images, videos, sliders, and custom HTML on a mobile-responsive canvas—no coding required. Plus, you’ll be able to preview how your landing page will look across desktop, tablet, and mobile before going live.

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Marcom Robot Appsumo

Save fonts, colors, and sign-up forms in a custom style guide to streamline the design process and ensure consistent branding across pages. You can build a color palette and font library, as well as create shared sign-up forms that let your team access the customer information collected on each page. Once your style guide is ready to go, your design presets will automatically appear inside the Marcom Robot page builder.

Easily run A/B tests to measure key performance metrics and maximize conversions on your ad spend. Marcom Robot lets you customize variants like test length or traffic split to make sure you’re getting the results you need. You can even create a unique URL for each test, and the platform will automatically divide the traffic so you’re not mixing data sets.

Compare the views, visitors, and conversion rates from multiple tests, so you can determine which pages are performing well. It’s a cinch to gather real-time insights on landing page performance using the powerful analytics dashboard. Track page views, number of visitors, total conversions, and conversion rate, plus monitor how your metrics change over time. You can even view results by location and device type, which helps your marketing team create more targeted campaigns.

Tweaking your landing pages without A/B testing is like looking to your horoscope for marketing advice. Marcom Robot helps you launch high-converting campaigns with a drag-and-drop landing page builder, live analytics dashboard, and advanced A/B testing.

Click Here to Buy Marcom Robot Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $79.00

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