Kerala Medical Students Viral Dance on Controversy


Recently, the dance video from two medical students Janaki M Omkumar and Naveen K Razak has become viral. Janaki, a third year medical student and Naveen K Razak, fourth year medical student from Thrissur medical College, Kerala uploaded their first dance video in their Youtube, FB and insta account on March 23 which has been shared and viewed by millions.

The students danced for 1978’s Boney M’s song Rasputin which is more trending past few days among Medical students and also received national attention. Though the  dance was encouraged and gaining many followers it has also created a space for controversy.

Controversy on Students Dance Video

The issue started on when the dance video received a post on FB ” There is somthing fishy. It would be good if Janaki’s parent are careful. They wont have to be sorry later as the case of Nimisha’s mother proves”, a lawyer Krishna Raj wrote. The lawyer’s post also confused many to taking their sides either to support students or Krishna Raj point.

Support from Shashi Tharoor, MP

Manwhile, the students dance video is continuously more followers and most responses are in support of students. Also Thiruvananthapuram MP Shashi Tharoor and leaders like Sitaram Yechury have been tweeting in support of dancing videos and students.

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