Menu Cards Review: Best Pitchground LTD Deal Available for $99

Menu Cards Pitchground: Menu Cards is an all-inclusive store and menu solution for business owners. Business guests have the QR scanning option to order online and engage with their favorite businesses offline and online.

Menu. Cards is a Quick Response (QR) tool that provides an instant solution to endless queues and excessive wait time using responsive online stores and custom menus. With Menu Cards, you can your customers can browse through your offerings at their convenience. This enriches their dining experience and is guaranteed to improve your sales conversion.

Click Here to Buy Menu Cards Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $99

Menu Cards Pitchground

    • Online ordering: On-premise, Takeaway, Delivery
    • Custom domains (12)
    • Multiple locations (12)
    • Unlimited Teams and team members
    • Detailed Analytics Dashboard
    • Weekly email reports
    • Item extras, options & variants
    • Custom CSS Styling
    • Custom JS
    • Accept payments via Paypal or Stripe
    • API Access
    • Removable branding
    • Password protection
      Click Here to Buy Menu Cards Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $99
  • Constantly have to reprint your menu for every small update
  • Pay extra fees for delivery or takeaway up apps
  • No upselling with paper menus
  • Waiting for a waiter just to see the menu
  • No easy way to update a daily menu
  • An online dynamic menu that you can update in real-time
  • Your own custom ordering system no extra fees and receive the funds directly in your Paypal or Stripe account
  • Show extra options and variations to upsell your customers
  • Customers can directly see your menu even at home to see what they want to order in advance
  • Update your menu in real-time
  • 12 Custom domains
  • 12 Locations / menus
  • Unlimited menu sections
  • Unlimited teams & team members
  • Ordering system: On-premise, Takeaway, Delivery
  • Accept PayPal, and Stripe online payments (no extra fees)
  • API Access
  • Custom CSS styling & Custom JS
  • Free support
  • Free Updates

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