Mychordbook Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $19.00


Mychordbook Review: Playing an instrument is cool! However, it is hard to learn. Lessons and video tutorials are great but they can be boring and time-consuming.

Mychordbook believes that the best way to keep playing is to play your favorite songs all the way through. This is why they have created Mychordbook. Mychordbook is an interactive chord & lyrics application that teaches you how to play songs with your guitar, piano, and ukulele.

Buy Mychordbook Lifetime Deal for $19.00

Mychordbook Review

Songs in Mychordbook are synchronized with their YouTube videos and as you are listening to the real song, Mychordbook underlines the lyrics and displays the active chord in real-time displaying where to put your fingers on your instrument.

Access interactive chord sheets and auto-playing instrument which shows you how to play your favorite songs

Create a playlist of songs that are tailored to your vocal and capo preference

Use additional tech-features like metronome, print, loop, auto-follow to advance your instrument playing

Additionally, Mychordbook uses artificial intelligence to actually play the instrument for you! Allowing you to also learn how to use your right hand for the rhythm as well. Mychordbook has many other features like smart transpose, capo, print, playlists, and many more.

MychordBook stands out

1. It makes it easier to learn chords and songs

2. Huge Library

3. Only 19 dollars for a lifetime

The tool is the best fit for musicians, teachers, and students.

Get Appsumo Mychordbook in the Deal for $19.00

I am the CEO & Founder of Mychordbook. I have been in the music business for about 20 years! After years of teaching instrument playing, I have decided that there is something wrong in the learning process. 90% of people who try to play an instrument, leave it after some time. And, the reason is people loose their interest with the conventional methods (boring lessons, boring note sheets etc.) I have discovered that the best way to keep playing is always playing your favorite songs all the time.

Lately, we have launched our Auto-Playing Instrument feature powered by artificial intelligence, which plays the instrument for you in real-time, showing you how to use your right hand as well (right hand for guitar and ukulele, rhythm for piano). It is like magic! Just check it out!

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