New York City Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Resource Offers Tips for your NYC Slip and Fall Injuries


New York City accident lawyer resource: One might have suffered a slip, trip or fall accident at some point in your life. However many of us may not take it seriously. But it can be dangerous if the injury turns out to be painful or fatal. 

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of emergency room visits. They may not be severe, but the injuries caused can be excruciatingly painful or even fatal that leads to long-lasting consequences.

A fall may lead to major hip, wrist or arm fractures, sprains and strains, brain injuries, or severe bruises. 

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This is an issue of major concern, when the injury caused is not at your own fault. But falling at some other person’s property. It doesn’t matter how big your injury is, but knowing the immediate steps to be followed after slip and fall accidents is important. So let’s start with the basic steps you need to know: 

What steps to take after a slip and fall accident?

Nothing comes first before safety, so when you are seriously injured, your first concern should be getting the first aid. Secondly, if possible, gather all possible evidence and preserve them. Here are some of the immediate steps that you should follow:

  • Rush to medical professional

Consult a medical professional immediately if possible. It might be difficult to recognize other injuries, but injuries like broken bones can be recognized on the spot. It is important to have the medical documents attested by the doctor, which you can show up later. 

  • Find the cause of the fall

Try to find out the root cause of your fall, was it an object, some material, or any fault in the physical layout of the premises.

  • Prepare a documentation of the scene

To decide the liability of the owner it is important to know whether the owner was at fault or not. Make sure to take photographs of the scene and the object or material that cause the slip and fall accident. It will help you determine whether the owner should be held responsible for the fall or not.

  • Have a conversation with witnesses

Be in contact with the witnesses of your accident. Try to collect the contact information because you or your New York slip & fall lawyers may need to reach them again.

  • File a slip and fall accident report

Some people don’t even file a report out of embarrassment, but you must file a report for your slip and fall accident. There may be some different on-site reporting procedures for shopping malls and other publicly opened private properties. 

  • Try to get everything you remember on the paper as soon as possible

Try to document everything that you observed that creates a picture very close to what happened exactly at the time you fell, as it may be admissible in court. Make sure you include everything you remember, how the accident occurred, even the statements that employees made at the premises.

What Leads to a Slip and Fall Lawsuit?

The person who gets injured in a slip and fall accident due to someone else’s negligence is entitled to receive compensation. Here the negligent person is liable. In such a condition, you can sue the person for money damages. However, you are required to prove the following things for a successful slip and fall lawsuit: 

  • The fall was caused due to slippery substances such as water, oil, soap, and ice, which are dangerous on walking surfaces like sidewalks and floors. You need to prove the intensity of the accident caused due to it. Also, a hole or a crack can be dangerous.
  • The property owner must know or knew about the defects and dangerous substances. 
  • The owner failed to get the area clean or fix the defective condition or did so in such a way that it is still dangerous or gets even worse.
  • The owner failed to alert or warn others about the danger with help of a sign, rope, or other alerting indicators.
  • You get injured or the property gets damaged on the occurrence of slip and fall accident, due to the defective or dangerous condition. 

Consult an Experienced  Slip and Fall Attorney in New York City  to Increase Your Chance of Receiving the Compensation

When it comes to getting the claim for the injury, it is not a cakewalk. The process to claim is complicated and confusing, especially when you are new to lawsuit affairs. In this case, taking the guidance of the experienced New York City slip and fall attorneys like New York Injury lawyer directory will boost your morale and confidence. You don’t need to worry anymore as they handle the tough part for you. 

From making effective and timely communication with insurance adjusters to getting the court paperwork done, they will help you at every place. They even make sure to work with the solid witnesses who can effectively present the case in the court. And, the important part is that you can focus on your injury recovery.

We hope this was a useful read. Stay in loop for more such legal resources. 


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