New Zealand Women vs Argentina Women Hockey Dream 11 Prediction


NZ-W vs ARG-W : In Women’s FIH ProLeague 2020, New Zealand Women takes the top second place in the league points table. In the total of six matches played so far, NZ-W has faced victories in three matches, faced failures in 2 matches and shoot-out loss in one match. NZ-W has scored 10 points for the team. In the recently played match, when NZ-W has faced off against United States Women, USA-W has scored only one goal, whereas NZ-W has scored thrice as them, which ended in a win for NZ-W. Previous to this match, when played against USA-W, NZ-W has won the game by scoring three goals, while the opponent has been left with one goal. NZ-W should try to take on more victories, in order to keep adding to their streak, which would help them in moving to the top of the table.

Argentina Women has been placed in the third position, in the Women’s FIH ProLeague 2020 standings. ARG-W has participated in four matches so far, out of which ARG-W has taken three victories and one defeat. ARG-W has scored nine points in their account. In the last match, ARG has matched up against the Netherlands, in which ARG has scored only one goal, while the opponent has outdone them by scoring three goals, which ended in a defeat for ARG-W. Prior to this match, when played against NED, ARG has won the match by scoring two goals, while the opponent has been stuck with zero. ARG-W must get back on track and start to take wins, in order to move to the top second position, in the points table.


New Zealand Women vs Argentina Women – Team Squad

New Zealand Women:

Georgia Barnett, Grace O’Hanlon, Brooke Roberts, Tyler Lench, Rose Keddell, Stephanie Dickins, Liz Thompson, Frances Davies, Megan Hull, Samantha Charlton, Ella Gunson, Brooke Neal, Kate Ivory, Stacey Michelsen, Kayla Whitelock, Kelsey Smith, Alia Jaques, Tayla Whits, Amy Robinson, Tarryn Davey, Julia King, Rachel Mccann, KafieDoar, Gemma Flynn, Olivia Merry, Ralph Hope, Madison Doar, Kaiflin cotter, Holly Pearson, Olivia Shannon

Argentina Women:

Belén Succi, Cristina Cosentino, Mariana Scandura, Noel Barrionuevo, Silvina D’Elía, Giselle Kañevsky, Sofía Toccalino, Agustina Gorzelany, Maria Cerundolo, Valentina Costa, Bianca Donati, Maria Forcherio, Rosario Luchetti, Rocío Sánchez, Agostina Alonso, Eugenia Trinchinetti, Sofía Ramallo, Brisa Bruggesser, Josefina Rübenacker, Victoria Sauze, Victoria Miranda, Micaela Retegui, Celina di Santo, Carla Rebecchi, Delfina Merino, María Granatto, Julieta Jankunas, Agustina Albertario, Delfina Thome, Victoria Granato, Priscila Jardel

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