Nifty Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $49.00 at Black Friday Offer


Nifty Review:Nifty’s project portfolio management puts you in the captain’s seat with an overview of your team’s deadlines and priorities. Track project roadmaps, collaborate on tasks, communicate with team and clients, & create collaborative documents in our centralized workspace! Nifty helps you automate organizational progress oversight across your projects based on task completion by your team.

Nifty is a remote collaboration hub designed to manage projects, goals, communications, and teams all in one place. Nifty offers milestones, tasks, docs, calendars, and even direct messaging. Nifty’s dashboard is fully customizable to fit every workflow and help prioritize insights, while reducing time searching.Software by Nifty Technologiesniftypm.comread more

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Nifty Review.

After a big early morning decline on Monday, the Nifty rallied from 4966 (Monday’s intraday low) and by the end of Tuesday (today), the Index had gained over 100 points from Monday’s low, to close at 5066.20.

The Big Picture continues to suggest lower levels ahead. We have lower highs & lower lows in the Nifty – a classic picture of a downtrend. The tops that were made were rounding tops,which appear during a distribution process.

Also note the big range bars during the decline. We should contrast these bars with the narrow range bars during the up move from January to April. Bear markets are marked with big moves, while bull markets are soft, slow and steady performers – they move up quitely.

Nifty Features

  • Automate client reporting as project tasks are completed, and customize each project dashboard to fit your workflow
  • Alternative to: Asana and Basecamp
  • Engage in real-time discussions with project members, or chat with your team 1:1

With Nifty’s clean interface, you can track task assignments, activities, and time logs across projects.Filter tasks by due dates, task assignees, and Milestones to see exactly where you and your team stand with your project progress. No more trying to guess who’s doing what.You can also automate your progress tracking based on task completion to provide real-time project reporting and status updates.

Get Appsumo Nifty in the Deal for $49.00

Plus, Nifty’s Kanban board gives you full flexibility to organize, collaborate, and prioritize work while managing deadlines and feedback.Whether you’re into a Kanban style or prefer a simple, clean list view with Bulk Actions, Nifty makes it easy to swiftly move tasks from “To Do” to “Complete.”

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