Nimbus Note Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $59.00


Nimbus Note Review: Nimbus Note is a cross-platform note-taking tool that lets you create notes, documents, wikis, to-do lists, spreadsheets, and even databases. It was designed to manage all your information, ideas, and knowledge base in one place so that you can easily search for them whenever you need to.

Nimbus Notes lets you add notes using a database-style system. You can also add spreadsheets and tables for more in-depth visual notes. You can also use Nimbus Note as a to-do list. You can add tasks and lists to keep track of the things you have to do. Nimbus Note lets you export notes into HTML or PDF files that you can print, post, or share with colleagues.

Buy Nimbus Note Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Nimbus Note Review

Nimbus Note Position In Our Categories

Because companies have distinctive business wants, it is reasonable that they abstain from deciding on an all-in-one, ideal solution. Regardless, it would be futile to find such a software solution even among branded software systems. The logical step to undertake should be to write the numerous critical factors that merit research such as essential features, pricing, technical skill aptitude of staff, organizational size, etc. The second step is, you should conduct the product research thoroughly. Have a look at these Nimbus Note analyses and explore the other software programs in your shortlist in detail. Such all-encompassing research ascertain you take out unfit software products and buy the system that meets all the tools you require company requires for success.

Nimbus Note Features

Drag and Drop Editor Information Governance Rich Text Editor Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Collaboration Tools Task Assigning Page Linking File Recovery Remote Access Offline Access Text Annotation Data Search Reminders

Nimbus Note

A productivity and task management tool appropriate for both individuals and businesses. With Nimbus Note users can create notes and to-do lists, share them with others, and archive important data. Save anything. Access it anywhere. Share with anyone Created by Nimbus Web, Inc

Nimbus Note Reviews

I use both Evernote and Nimbus, each for a different purpose. The Nimbus Note software (Windows) and web app are between good enough and good. It’s a small company, it seems, and there are some UI things to polish but the product is solid.

On Windows there is no tag renaming and no Boolean search; the web app has both. On Windows there is no search within documents; the web app does. Search is fast. No type/search ahead; type search phrase, hit enter to get results. Editor is full fledged, easy to use, no quirks.

Nim­bus Note vs Ever­note: Com­par­i­son of Features

Since Evernote changed its pricing plans in 2016, users have been looking for its alternatives. Very few apps come close to Evernote as it offers a zillion features. Talking about alternatives, some of the popular ones are OneNote from Microsoft, Google Keep, Zoho Notebook etc. But there’s one more that can truly challenge Evernote when it comes to features: Nimbus Note.

Get Appsumo Nimbus Note in the Deal for $59.00

Nimbus Note Features:

Convert Tables into Databases – Add any type of content you want by creating a table, add the fields, resize it to match your needs. Create public links – Share your notes and documents with anyone by using a public link, or also you can create a password to share with a specific group of people to access the files. Use OCR technology – You can also extract the content from PDFs, images, & other documents to add them to your Notes. Send emails to take notes – You can create notes by sending an email to your private Nimbus Inbox. Link internally – Just type @, and select the note you want to link to Use the business card scanner – You can scan & save your billing statements, payment receipts, with Nimbus.

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