Notetracks Pro Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal For $39.00


Notetracks Pro: Welcome to Notetracks, a powerful and versatile mark up tool for audio. It allows audio users (musicians, producers, students, professors, songwriters, collaborators, transcribers, etc) to take notes along with audio by adding text, music symbols or sketch drawings all along an organized timeline.

Notetracks provides an innovative, intuitive and interactive way to take notes along with audio, presenting them in a way that you can easily understand, store and access store them for later use and collaborate with others.

Buy Notetracks Pro Lifetime Deal For $39.00

Notetracks Pro

Sending a PDF

Another strong aspect of Notetracks is the ability to create and share a PDF of the notes with other members of your team, band or any else working with you on the project. In any creative endeavor, it’s important for everyone to have the same information to keep a project running smoothly. Make sure you are zoomed out enough in the project window before you make the PDF so all of your notes are visible. You can share a file via dropbox, AirDrop, email or other apps if you select the project in the Existing project main window by swiping left to reveal the options.


Notetracks can be useful in a variety of audio related contexts, and I think the developers have done a great job of being the first to design a tool of this kind for iOS. Although I prefer to use some of the features like markers and comments right in DAW while working on session, I would absolutely use the note taking features when writing lyrics over an instrumental track or when transcribing a part using the convenient loop and tempo manipulation tools. Notetracks is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a tool of this kind for iOS.

Work With Us

Notetracks is constantly on the lookout for talented product design, development, management & marketing individuals who have a passion for working in music technology. We’re also seeking musicians to contribute to various jobs. Send a brief description along with your resume to


Notetracks provides an intuitive and interactive way to take notes for audio on your iPad, iPhone & iPod touch exclusively for iOS. Presenting lyrics, mix notes or general review comments in a way that is easily accessible. Store projects or share with collaborators, all in a mobile and easy to use format for users on the go.

Notetracks Inc.

Notetracks is an innovative platform designed for musicians to listen, review, record and share their audio projects. It combines powerful audio and documentation tools to enhance a musician’s workflow.Users can take liner notes for their music in the form of text, symbols or drawings along an audio timeline. The notes are displayed and synced along an audio waveform that make it different than any other note-taking Apps being a first of its kind. Notetracks has many use cases which include songwriting, song analysis, music review, mix session notes, band commenting/collaboration as well as other cases involving audio.It is currently available for iPad and iPhone users on the App Store with a cloud based web platform in development.

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Setting up a Session and Importing

The main Notetracks window is the place to create a project, open an existing project or import a project. You can also contact support and take a guided tour of the App before diving in. Import options for Notetracks include Dropbox, WiFi transfer and iTunes. WiFi transfer involves syncing with your home computer to transfer files to the iOS device and works great. I was able to sync my Dropbox folder with Notetracks and import a file within an existing session. You can import an iTunes file, which includes any song you have purchased or downloaded that is already on your device. The Demo session is a great way to discover how the App works.

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