Olvy PitchGround Lifetime Deal at $49


Olvy PitchGround: With an amazing UI/UX, Olvy provides you with beautiful designs that are easier to integrate and customizable. Olvy will help you grab more traffic to your site with the integrated feedback and analytics section.

Announce new features with beautiful and effective in-app widgets and standalone pages and see release feedback turn into insights Olvy is a release notes tool that allows you to add a What’s New widget to your application without any engineering bandwidth.

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Choose from multiple widget styles and variations like sidebar, modal, and embed style. Or have a post open by clicking the widget and make the style compact to make it easier for the users to get a glance at the updates.

A powerful dashboard that completes the journey of your feature that starts from the release and ends at the analysis of how it performed, powered by Olvy’s unique sentiment analysis technology.

Get your user’s reactions and comments on your releases passed via Olvy’s advanced sentiment analysis feature to give you a positive or negative overview.

Click here to buy Olvy PitchGround Lifetime Deal at $49

Olvy Benefits

  • Increase user engagement and new feature adoption
  • Build credibility for your team and product by sharing things you’re shipping
  • Attract more eyeballs for your features when you share your releases
  • Easy to integrate script and public APIs
  • Feedback with sentiment analysis and reactions which tell you what your users think about your releases
  • Advanced customization with custom domains, theming, custom CSS, and JS
  • Version History – See the full history of a post, all the changes made by different users (Coming soon for Plan C).
  • Announce via Email – Trigger automated emails to notify your users about new releases (Coming soon for Plan C).
  • User segmentation so you can show different releases to different users (Coming soon for Plan C).
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