OneHash PitchGround Deal: Lifetime Deal at $49


OneHash PitchGround: If you are running a business and having trouble connecting your financial and operational systems to a central database. You will also be finding it difficult to develop effective customers interaction and relationships altogether then this software is perfect for you.

OneHash consists of around 9 Modules that you can use for your business – all under one tool. Let’s have a look at each one of them to understand the reason why OneHash is a must for your business.

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Delegate responsibility with effective system-driven communication. Eliminates undesired tasks and monitor teams with insightful performance reports. Detailed analysis of stage-wise sales prospects.

Integrate all your customer interaction under a single head to give seamless and effortless, high-quality customer experiences. Unify information received from emails and calls into CRM Leads. All this with an intuitive in-built system.

OneHash PitchGround
OneHash PitchGround

Keep track of accounts receivable, follow up with customers by sending regular alerts, and take control of the Cash Flow. Enjoy the luxury of automated invoicing for subscription-based customers and save time for things that matter.

Produce compliant accounting reports with less stress. Eliminate redundant data entry and generate accurate reports on the depreciation value of all assets over time.

Click here to buy OneHash PitchGround Deal at $49

Automated personalized password-protected salary slip generation, tax liability assessment Create multiple tax slabs and tax rates depending upon the country of tax.

Option to choose serialized or Batched Inventory. Tracking of individual units using unique serial numbers. Batch tracking to provide insight into the quality of goods by tracking the raw materials.

OneHash PitchGround Benefits

  • The presence of all the modules under one roof: No need for a different product for every aspect of your business.
  • Highly customizable: No need to wait for a firmware update. Customize workflows and tax rules according to your business needs. This helps automate a lot of your tasks and increases productivity.
  • Easy to import data from a variety of sources: Import/ Export data from your system or from any rest API source.
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