OWOX AppSumo Deal Quick Review

OWOX BI combines all your cost data from ad services in Google Analytics, so you can measure ROAS and obtain the reports you need in GA using the OWOX BI Pipeline. Marketers, you’re asking all the right questions and collecting a ton of data from your digital ads campaigns.

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But your floppy disks full of facts and figures aren’t getting you anywhere. You still need to sift through it all and connect the dots to learn how effective your marketing spend is.

Good thing there’s a company who knows exactly what you’re going through and created a tool to help you: OWOX BIOpens in a new tab..

OWOX AppSumo Deal

  • Lifetime access to OWOX BI Basic 0 Plan
  • Cost, click and impression data import from
  • Hotline to Google Analytics
  • Vkontakte to Google Analytics
  • Yandex.Market to Google Analytics
  • Yandex.Direct to Google Analytics and Google BigQuery
  • Historical data import for up to 6 months.
  • Twitter to Google Analytics
  • Facebook to Google Analytics and Google BigQuery
  • MyTarget to Google Analytics
  • Criteo to Google Analytics
  • Sklik to Google Analytics
  • Bing to Google Analytics
  • Stacking not possible with this deal
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

The biggest difference between OWOX BI and the other tools is OWOX BI’s dedication to providing you with accurate data. If any funny business happens in the data source, OWOX BI Pipeline will ensure that the data is updated in the destination tables.

You’ll see if there are any misspelled or missing UTM parameters in your ads’ destination URLs, accompanied with actionable advice on how to correct them.

OWOX BI will also convert currencies automatically so your cost and performance comparisons are spot on, even when you’re a cosmopolitan world-traveling marketer.

Buy OWOX AppSumo Deal

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