PDFBear Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal For $69.00


PDFBear Review: PDFBear has been the talk of the town recently. It is a PDF converter that allows people to change their files’ formats. As the corporate world pushes to go paperless, the rise in using tools like this is not a surprise. But, we may ask ourselves, “I’m content with my file. Why do I need to convert Word document to PDF?”

There are many benefits of changing our documents into a PDF format. One cannot easily edit the documents you’ve made once you save it as PDF, so it makes the document more secure from unwanted and accidental changes. It also makes your document aesthetically pleasing and presentable to your clients.

Buy PDFBear Lifetime Deal for $69.00

PDFBear Review

But it does not end there. PDFBear can also compress, merge, and split your files, making it very useful for everyday office workload. Now, you won’t need any other PDF converters out there, for it is all in this handy tool. PDFBear might be just the best PDF converter you are looking for.

PDFBEAR Pro Review at a Glance

PDFBEAR Pro is one of the best online PDF SaaS solutions which offers up to 20 PDF functions – Converter, Compress, Split, Merge, Repair, Rotate, Delete, Protect, Unlock PDF to Share Document. This all-in-one SaaS solution allows you to make your PDF documents perfect in the most secure environment.

Some PRO features you may enjoy is the much popular “OCR” conversion tool. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. This would mean that a scanned receipt from your local grocery store can be uploaded and we will be able to read it, dissect and hand you a fully editable document.

With PDFBEAR Pro strong compress function, users will no longer face the problem of a huge PDF file size. It provides a strong compression function, bringing PDF compression to a whole new level while keeping high-quality.

Get Appsumo PDFBear in the Deal for $69.00

PDFBear plans

    • All tools included

    • Unlimited task conversions

    • Unlimited storage space for the file

    • Number of files per task

    • Largest file size per task

    • Unlimited storage life for uploaded tasks

    • Unlimited storage life for converted tasks

    • Unlimited amount of OCR tasks

    • No advertisements

    • Faster upload speed in percentage

    • Priority Technical / Customer Support

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