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CloneDesk Pitchground: ARE YOU DREAMING OF A BUSINESS THAT RUNS ITSELF? CloneDesk might be the answer. The tool lets you define checklists and complex processes that add a string of tasks and delegate them.

Project knowledge in different places

Do you have these situations when you try to find any info about what font, color or login to use for a certain client? You ask your colleagues and just the person who got this info, is sick?

Searching you lose a lot of money.

But not anymore.

In CloneDesk you select the project, go to the “Info” page, and have all project information when you need it.

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CloneDesk Pitchground

Missing Information

In this decentralized world with people working as freelancers on a project when they find the time, it is crucial to give them the info they need. Otherwise, things lack quality or just don’t get done on time.

So let’s say you want to delegate writing a text, then the tester needs to know exactly what to write. The better your briefing, the better the result.

With CloneDesk you or your colleagues need to fill out all information before the designer gets his task. Thus making sure that he has all the info he needs. And if something is missing, you just adapt the blueprint and know for sure that it is there the next time.

Silly mistakes

Do you have these small recurring tasks in your company that you would love to delegate? But in the past, you had more work cleaning up because your intern forgot to tick of a checkbox?

Not anymore… With CloneDesk you make sure that he does not only read the instructions you provided, but you force him to tick of a checklist. This way the most important things cannot be forgotten!

False priorities

When working on various projects with different managers, workers get tasks from everywhere. Sometimes it is on them to decide what they work on and when. With CloneDesk you have a central point to set priorities. New tasks are added to the backlog and your workers/freelancers can just work on one thing after the other.

Lack of Focus

Getting tasks via email, slack or even some task software is distracting. CloneDesk provides you with all information you need to complete a specific task. But more than this: After you complete a task, it will provide you with the next task.

You see that you get way more “flow moments”, working in CloneDesk.


Client Onboarding
Worker Briefing
Campaign Setup
Campaign Monitoring
Text Production
Updates & Maintenance
IT Ticket
Design Ticket
Candidate Screening
Employee Onboarding

CloneDesk users benefit from these unique features:

Click Here to Buy CloneDesk Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $2447

Easily create complex processes or simple checklists using Blueprints

Define simple or complex blueprints. Tasks can run parallelly or subsequently. You can use skip conditions to skip tasks if they are not needed. With channels, you control who can start blueprints and work on tasks.

  • Define which tasks you want to skip if specific criteria are matched.
  • Use channels to control who can start the blueprint, see tasks and work on tasks.
  • Define who should work on a specific task in your blueprint
  • Make users tick off important things and answer questions, to make sure that nothing is forgotten.
  • Add shortcodes to your task description to show information from other tasks.
  • Use conditional tags to display information only if specific criteria are matched.
  • Define if tasks should be in subsequent or parallel order. Of course, you can mix both.
  • When you update the task description, users can be informed when working on it the next time.

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