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Restrofood Pitchground: WordPress Plugin For Online Food Ordering & Delivery System. Running a restaurant is not an easy task and if you do, managing the orders is an additional challenging task to maintain. This tool helps you with just that. An Ultimate Food Ordering & Delivery System For WordPress

What is Restrofood?

Restrofood is an online food ordering and delivery system for WordPress.

You can manage your restaurant & other food ordering stuff with Restrofood. It has plenty of unique features- quick checkout, delivery location availability checker, product extras, invoice print (thermal and receipt), 3 admin panels, etc., to help you build a successful online food business.

What features does it offer?

Theme & Demo-Data – The deal includes a Free Theme called “restrofoodtheme.zip” & demo data to get a ready-made website like Restrofood demo.

  • The theme is fully customizable with Elementor Page Builder
  • It has 1 click demo import system
  • Fully responsive with any device

Click Here to Buy Restrofood Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $59

Restrofood Pitchground

Same Page Cart & Checkout System – Restrofood’s product checkout system is fast. You won’t have to click your mouse too often to access the checkout page.

Checkout is available on whichever page you are, and customers can complete the order from the shop page.

3 Cart Style – Restrofood gives you 3 unique cart style options; you can choose the one you prefer most.

  • Different cart style that easily stores product information.
  • A perfect gateway for order, catalog, and customer management.
  • It gives product data, categories, and site information for user display.

Product Extra Option – Whenever you order any food, you’ll get product extra options based on the food category.

  • Add-ons or extras that are fully customized for your product.
  • The product details popup includes nutritional information and extra options.
  • Has Options for Single Choice
  • Has Options for Multiple Choice
  • Has Options for Limited Choice

Nice & Customizable Settings – With Restrofood, you’ll have many customizing options at your fingertips.

  • Product Grid is available in 2/3/4 column formats; choose one that suits you best.
  • Product Extras and Add-ons with option choice limits are available.
  • Zip Codes can be added in multiple ways to enhance delivery convenience.

Delivery Availability Checker – Restrofood helps you locate the delivery location availability using an address, Zip Code, branch, location, etc.

  • You can check the delivery availability using an address, restaurant location, and Zip Code.
  • A delivery or pickup option is available during checkout. (Only delivery/Only Pickup)
  • Shop delivery checking availability option.

3 Types of Admin Panel – Restrofood consist of 3 types of admin panel. Each panel is very useful and effective for the respective admin manager to manage the orders.

  • An admin panel for Shop Manager.
  • An admin panel for the Kitchen Manager.
  • An admin panel for Delivery Man.

6 Product Display Layout – Restrofood offers 6 different product layouts to attractively show your products to your customers.

  • Grabs the attention of your customers/shoppers.
  • Easily highlight your product’s most notable features.
  • Clear and spacious so that all the focus will be on the product.

Invoice Print Options – Restrofood makes it easy to manage your online food ordering business with order invoices that are easy to print.

  • Print orders with just one click.
  • It supports both thermal and receipt printers.
  • Text for invoice headers and footers is available.

Click Here to Buy Restrofood Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $59

Easy Order Management – Restrofood allows you to manage your orders by creating separate dashboards for shop owners, branch managers, kitchen managers, delivery boys, etc.

  • Provides back-end/admin dashboards for shop owners.
  • Includes front-end dashboards for branch managers and kitchen managers.
  • Option to manage pre-orders and filter orders by delivery date.

Order Status Change Option – Email notification work on order status. When the admin changes order status, an automatic email is sent to customers to inform their order’s current status.

  • If you cancel the order, it will notify you that “Your order has been canceled.”
  • You’ll get the cooking status of your food- send to cooking, accept cooking, and cooking completes.
  • When the delivery boy gets your product in hand, you’ll get order status- On the way, and Order complete once you receive the order.

Delivery Type and Date Time – Restrofood supports fast and convenient delivery and pickup. In addition, the plugin allows customers to schedule pre-orders within a set timeframe.

  • Two types of delivery availability- Delivery by a restaurant and Pick up by me.
  • Two Types of delivery scheduling options- today’s delivery/pickup, and schedule delivery/pickup for another day.
  • Customers can set delivery and pickup times for both types of delivery options. However, it just needs to be within the restaurant’s open and closing time.

Grab your Restrofood license today and increase your restaurant’s conversion.

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