Pitchground Deal: Buy Mogi White Label OTT Lifetime Deal for $299

Mogi White Label OTT Pitchground: Launch your own Netflix-like OTT Android and Web App in days, engage with your audience and start monetizing your content.

Mogi’s White Label OTT Platform enables anyone to launch their own video magazine app/OTT in a matter of days.

The product briefly has 5 different layers to truly provide an end-to-end experience –

1) Market-facing apps in Android and Web

2) Backend Content Management System for Content, Customization Control, and Subscriber Management.

3) Monetization Modules (SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, or Hybrid)

4) End-to-End Video Streaming infrastructure with patented multi-CDN streaming technology to provide buffer-free video delivery, multi-CDN tech

Click Here to Buy Mogi White Label OTT Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $299

Mogi White Label OTT Pitchground

Content Creators have 3 major problems to address –

1) Content Distribution – Content Distribution through Youtube, TV, and Major OTTs has become a major bottleneck. Major OTTs accept 1/100 videos submitted to them, and the competition is very high. TV does not have any shelf space to compete with A listing content, and the viewership is also decreasing, with users increasingly going digital. Youtube is a major source of revenue and distribution, but due to a massive revenue share, the inability to know the viewer, the subscriber for engagement, and the threshold for monetization/opportunity unlocking provide it difficult to start monetizing content

2) Audience Engagement – Visibility on who is watching the content is not at all available in any distribution channel, so even if you manage to create a good following, leveraging them through notifications, reminders, and messages is difficult

3) Technical difficulty in Launching your own App – For a creator, whose core competency is creativity and content production, technical landscape and handling could be a difficult endeavor. If they plan to use their own app, they would need to keep their own in-house team to build and maintain the app, which would take a heavy toll on the finances.

Briefly What Will You Get?

  • One Time Payment
  •  Get Website & Android app-based OTT (app published from Mogi account)
  •  Highly Flexible Content Management System (CMS)
  •  Monetize via SVOD, TVOD & AVOD
  •  Upload upto 50 hours of video content
  •  Upto 1000 hrs of video streaming
  •  Recharge from $100 or in multiples of $100
  •  $100 Recharge: +50 hrs of content upload and +500 hrs of streaming

Other Benefits –

1) Content repository with easy indexing for content & metadata management

2) Revenue generation through monetization from Day 1

3) Superior customer experience with simplistic yet highly functional UI

4) No-code frontend apps within 7 days

5) No revenue share, earn what you monetize

6) International payment gateways to accept payments from all

7) Push Notifications and complete subscriber information for engagement on & off the app

Click Here to Buy Mogi White Label OTT Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $299

Start today to avail the end-to-end services and launch your market-facing apps for your audience!

1) Video Player (10-sec fwd/bwd, PRE – MID – POST-Roll Ad capability, DRM, Adaptive Bitrate)

2) Video Transcoding

3) Patented Multi-CDN streaming Engine

4) Highly customizable UI display Controls

5) Stripe Integration for Global Payments

6) Google Login

7) Multi-Language Metadata support

8) Display Customization

9) Viewer/Content Analytics

10) Unlimited and Real-Time Customizations

11) Lean and Lightweight UI

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