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KleanMail Pitchground: Email Campaigns Decrease Bounce Rates by 90% After Email Verification. You’ve probably heard that a clean email list is one of the most important things for your business, but who has time to verify all their email addresses manually?

It’s tough to keep your email list clean. Instead, you spend hours trying to validate email addresses, and you’re never quite sure if they’re all valid.

It’s no secret that verifying your email list is one of the most important things you can do to improve your email marketing results – one bad email address can ruin your sender’s reputation and get you blacklisted.

Keeping your email list clean not only helps you avoid deliverability issues but also helps you target your audience more accurately.

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KleanMail Pitchground

PitchGround Presents Kleanmail:

KleanMail is the solution to all of your email verification woes. Its real-time email verification tool is fast, accurate, and easy to use to help validate single or bulk emails in minutes – not hours or days.

Plus, it offers bulk email verification for large lists at an unmatched speed and time. So keep your email list clean and boost your deliverability rates today with KleanMail!

Kleanmail is a cloud-based email validation tool that helps you cleanse your customer database. With its capability to differentiate the valid and invalid email IDs, your emails are sent only to the right contacts.

Kleanmail also effectively saves your domain/IP from being blacklisted by most email service providers, increasing the chances of your promotional emails landing in your customer’s inboxes.

Single Email Validation:

Kleanmail provides validation for a single email with a visual report on email format, disposable email check, mailbox existence check, spamtrap check, hard bounce status, and much more in minutes.

Bulk Email Validation:

Kleanmail can validate thousands of email ids in a single go. It checks each email id in the list for the features mentioned above, including all those checks performed for single email validation.

Kleanmail provides real-time updates on the progress of the validation process of the uploaded bulk and highlights issues if any. The uploaded list can be in one of many formats (text, excel, JSON, etc.) for ease.

Email Validation APIs:

Kleanmail provides email verification APIs that integrate with every touch point where the user may enter his email id. These touchpoints could be web pages such as Landing pages, the registration process, newsletter, and other sign-up pages or back-end web calls that may pass on email id as a part of web data.

Its email address verification APIs use sophisticated, multilayered algorithms that test the email ids for genuineness and run various checks to identify disposable, fake, and irrelevant email ids. Kleanmail, email validation APIs, run these tests and check and validate ids in real-time.

Email Syntax Checker:

Email syntax validator checks and identifies the email ids that do not meet well-known email syntax rules in real time. Email Syntax errors are one of the most common errors in email lists, and it is essential to remove them from the list.

Email syntax validation is essential for cleaning the email list and maintaining an online reputation. Kleanmail does real-time and accurate email address syntax checks in the shortest time and cleans your email list with more than 99% efficiency.

Spam Trap Checker:

Kleanmail spam email address checker identifies such email ids and helps you eliminate them from your campaign list. A spam trap email is a mailbox or domain set up to capture spam emails. When an email is sent to a spam trap, the receiving server records the sender’s IP address and domain reputation.

Catch-All Domains Checker:

Kleanmail identifies catch-all email domains, reducing their impact on your marketing campaign.

Many organizations create a catch-all email id to guarantee that every email sent to them gets received, regardless of any errors. Still, a wrong catch-all email id within your list could negatively impact the success of your marketing campaign.

Hard Bounce Checker:

Kleanmail’s hard bounce email checker features check for such email ids and provide results in real-time, saving you time and money and maintaining your online reputation.

With Kleanmail, hard bounces automatically disappear from your email list, so you don’t pay to send them again.

Disposable Email Cleaner:

Kleanmail successfully identifies such email ids and helps you prevent email bounces by providing an effective throwaway email cleaner. The emails sent to disposable email ids are never opened.

Domain & SMTP Validation:

Kleanmail, an email domain validator feature, checks the ISPs and removes all emails with invalid, inactive, parked domains, or invalid accounts. The email domain validator detects potential spam traps hidden among your contacts.

MTA Validator:

Kleanmail is a power-packed solution that validates email addresses and scrubs the ones with bad MX records and doesn’t let your online reputation be harmed. Mail Exchange (MX) records are DNS records necessary for delivering email to your address. A Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) uses these MX records to transfer emails between computers.


  • Disposable & Catch all domain detection
  • Spamtrap Detection
  • 30% more Email Validation KPIs than others​
  • Unlimited credit validity
  • API Integration with CRMs

Click Here to Buy KleanMail Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $49

An Interesting Use Case: Adidas Use Case

About the client: The client is one of the world’s biggest apparel and shoes retailer based out of Germany.

Challenge – As a sales-oriented B2C company, the client ran intensive email campaigns to reach prospects and customers. The decay in the data was continually sabotaging the brand’s email marketing efforts. The average bounce rate was 14%.

Approach/ Solution – The client leveraged Kleanmail, its email verification service, enabling the cleansing of their existing email database. Kleanmail’s At-Source cleansing enabled the client to ensure the right data was being entered right at sources involving multiple digital entry-points was being entered into their systems.

Results – By using Kleanmail, the team could get a clear breakdown of their data and find out why the email campaigns weren’t performing. The average bounce rate was significantly reduced to 0.95%. The open rates shot up by 23%.

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