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Encrypted Work Pitchgound: Secure Your Business Data With Encrypted Email, Storage, and File Transfer. Your business is growing, but you’re unsure how to keep your data safe. You don’t want to risk a security breach that could cost you customers and damage your reputation.

Emails and files are notoriously easy to hack and steal confidential information, leading to a loss of trust between companies, clients, and prospects. According to the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach is $4 million. Many businesses have suffered worse than that. It could cost your company money if your business doesn’t encrypt all the data it collects.

The security and privacy of your data are not just features but are now essential requirements for all businesses.

Click Here to Buy Encrypted Work Pitchgound Lifetime Deal for $59

PitchGround Presents Encrypted Work:

Encrypted Work is the solution to your security concerns. Its encrypted email system, storage, and file transfer service keep your data safe from prying eyes. With Encrypted Work, you can rest assured that your confidential information is always protected.

Its secure email system, storage, and file transfer tools are trusted by businesses worldwide. They keep your data safe with military-grade encryption, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Encrypted Work Pitchgound

Protect your business communications 24/7 with the latest security technology that is EASY to deploy and use.

  • Encrypted Email: Regular email is insecure by design; Encrypted Work provides completely secure AES 256 encrypted email; if you send and receive confidential material, Encrypted Work offers complete peace of mind.
  • Fast & Secure Large File Transfer: Send and receive files up to 5GB; Encrypted Work provides completely secure AES 256 encrypted file transfer to power your business. We focus on security and ease of use to provide file transfers that your recipients will love.
  • Encrypted File Storage: Encrypted Work provides incredibly secure AES 256 Encrypted file storage – we go beyond regular secure file storage solutions with up to 3-factor Authentication; let Encrypted Work take care of your business data security.

You need to exchange data with your clients, customers, and business partners. Encrypted Work ensures those communications are encrypted, secure, and meet stringent compliance standards.

Encrypted Work is a complete integrated solution comprising 5 tools to keep your business data safe.

1. Encrypted Email – Encrypted Work provides an easy-to-use encrypted email solution; only the email recipient can decrypt the email message and access any files attached to it.

  • Send confidential emails.
  • Password protects an email.
  • Customize & use your own email client to send a message.
  • Send a text message link to your recipient.
  • Retract an email after you have sent it.
  • Privacy – specify who can send you messages.
  • Save files from an Email to a vault for long-term storage.
  • Integration with Google Drive / Dropbox / Microsoft OneDrive & more.

2. Encrypted File Transfer – Encrypted Work allows you to send encrypted files securely; when you want to send files, you simply attach the files using the Encrypted Work Email Application. With Encrypted Work, you can attach and send up to 5GB per file (200 times larger than regular email attachments).

The files are encrypted with powerful AES 256 encryption and are only accessible to the intended recipient(s).

Click Here to Buy Encrypted Work Pitchgound Lifetime Deal for $59

3.  Encrypted File Storage – Encrypted Work provides Vaults to store your business-critical files and documents.

Vaults are encrypted with powerful AES 256 encryption. Vaults offer up to 3-factor authentication for the most secure storage system available today.

  • Share & send files from a Vault.
  • Password protects a vault folder.
  • Protect a vault folder with Two Factor Authentication.

4. Encrypted File Upload Pages – Encrypted Work enables you to securely receive files from your customers and clients using file upload pages. All the sender needs is a web browser, and the files you receive are deposited in your Encrypted Email inbox.

You can create as many file upload pages as you require. File upload pages can also easily be embedded on your company website, providing a secure gateway to receive confidential files.

  • Integration with Google Drive / Dropbox / Microsoft OneDrive
  • Share your File Upload Pages
  • Embed File Upload Pages on your own website

5. Connections – Encrypted Work automatically organizes the people you collaborate with into Connections. You control who can contact you based on the criteria you define.

Specify who can send you messages and restrict to just your connections with Privacy.

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