Pitchground Gruup Review: Buy Gruup for $49


Gruup Pitchground: It’s hard to know how your content is performing. You spend all this time creating it, but you’re not sure if anyone is actually seeing it or if it’s making a difference.  It is hard to know how your content is performing, but sharing files of any size or type can also be challenging. And if you’re like most people, you want to track how your viewers engage with them.

Gruup solves both problems by allowing you to send files of any type or size and track how your viewers engage with them.  Plus, the platform allows you to add branding and design to create more than just a shared file.

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Gruup Pitchground

Easy to Share Any File:

Sharing files with Gruup is simple. Load documents, images, and videos into your account and share with a click or two of a button. Send large files of all types to whoever you choose.

  • Any File Type – From PDFs and Word Docs to video and images. Only Gruup allows you to share multiple files from the same location.
  • Live Sharing – Need to change a document? No problem. Groups live sharing means your files can be updated in real-time without resending.
  • Send Large Files – Gruup allows you to send files up to 2GB.
  • Share the Web – You can share online web content such as web pages, social posts, or web docs such as Google Sheets.
  • Integration – It integrates with Box, Google Drive & OneDrive. You can access your files and share them instantly.

Measure How People Engage with Your Content:

Gruup insights alert you when someone is viewing your content. The analytics let you know what documents people are reviewing, for how long, and to whom they send them.

It helps take the guesswork out of sharing files.

  • Real-time Alerts – Gruup’s real-time alerts notify you the minute your files are viewed and by whom.
  • Forwarding Insights – Understanding who your contacts share your files with is crucial and can help you understand the reach of your work.
  • Document Analytics – With document analytics, it will let you know what documents are being viewed. It also tells you how long for.
  • Engagement Score (Coming Soon) – Gruup scores each of your documents according to depth and duration. This helps you understand if your work is… working.

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Add Branding and Design to Create More than Just a Shared File:

Bring some style to your substance with a custom design. Add logos, images, and supporting text to help showcase your pitch, proposal, contract, or creds deck.

  • Templates – Get access to Gruup’s bespoke template library. Here you can choose from a wide range of pre-made templates to help kick start your creative juices.
  • Custom Fonts – Choose from over a hundred fonts from the Google Font library.
  • Image Library – Looking for that perfect header image? Check out Gruup’s image library and choose from thousands of royalty-free pics.
  • Advanced Layout – Lay your files out in a whole new way. Add images (from the library or your device), spacers, and supporting copy to help wow your audience.
  • Always Looks Great – All Gruup pages respond to the device they are viewed on, meaning you know your work is always seen in the best possible way.

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