Pitchground Socialscri.be Lifetime Deal Available for $69

Socialscri. be Pitchground: Make it easier for people to sign up and increase your newsletter’s landing page conversion rates.

Socialscri. be Buttons let people subscribe to your newsletter in a single click, with their social accounts.

This is a simple improvement over the regular email capture. This replaces the old and slow method of typing names and email addresses with a click of a button.

Click Here to Buy Socialscri. be Pitchground Deal for $69

Socialscri. be Pitchground

Socialscri. be Buttons are like those ‘Sign up with Google/Twitter’ buttons you see on web apps. But made especially for newsletters. You can embed them anywhere on any website. And it makes signing up for your email newsletter a whole lot easier.

Check out a demo

3 BIG benefits
Get your subscriber’s full name and Twitter/Github username. Totally privacy-friendly. These details come only from their publicly visible profile.
Stop losing subscribers who forgot to confirm. The email address comes from Google, Twitter, or Github where they’ve already been verified. So no sending double opt-in emails.
One-time, no-code, 100% customizable set-up. You get a few links that you can add to any button on any website so you have 100% control over how the buttons look.
Google, Twitter, and Github login buttons are available right now, with more coming soon!

Click Here to Buy Socialscri. be Pitchground Deal for $69

Socialscri. currently only works with ConvertKit, MailerLite, Ghost.org, EmailOctopus, and Revue right now. But I can build a custom integration for you, on request.

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