Pitchground Vaultastic Reviews: Buy Vaultastic for $49

Vaultastic Pitchground: Backing up and archiving your business communication data – for managing compliance, customer service quality, & business continuity.

Vaultastic is a cloud-based platform for data protection, management, and activation of business communication data.

    • Vaultastic ingests email data from multiple email solutions/legacy data sources into a central repository.
    • SaaS tools for discovery, governance, and extraction increase the visibility and availability of business-critical email data while reducing the risk, cost, and complexity of managing and protecting it.
    • Vaultastic supports Governance, Data preservation, Compliance, Storage management, legacy data protection, and other use cases, backed by complete life cycle services and a flexible pricing model.

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Vaultastic Pitchground

Traditional data protection methods are unproductive and expensive.

In a fast-digitizing world, Email carries the bulk of the unstructured data and a significant portion of an enterprise’s business-critical & sensitive information. Businesses have no option but to preserve email data to meet regulatory compliance and adhere to local data protection laws.

However, due to the high Volume, Variety, and Velocity of email data, traditional preservation methods create data fragmentation and lack the flexibility and agility necessary to meet different Data Management needs. Besides being very high cost to maintain and refresh.

Mithi delivers simplified Data Protection and Management for the cloud era. Customers protect data with Vaultastic for:

  •  Backup, Ediscovery, and Extraction of business-critical data
  •  Ensuring effective audit and compliance management
  •  Optimizing costs of preserving legacy/former employee data
  •  Optimizing costs of long-term data protection
  • Supervising communication

and more.

Click Here to Buy Vaultastic Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $49

• Central, consolidated, elastic repository of email

• Durable, Immutable email storage

• Multi-layered Security built on the AWS Shared security model

• Automated migration tools

• Tools to manage the Compliance process

• Tools for Deep Ediscovery & Extraction of information

• Role-based Data Access

• Complete Data Lifecycle support

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