Pizza Hut pays £5,000 to eat pizza – How to apply


Pizza Hut Delivery wants to promote a new character, a Chief Pizza Crust Taster. Yes, you read that right, you can get paid for trying their pizza crusts. This position is brand new and now accepts applications from all food lovers who believe they are coming to work.

Whoever is lucky enough to taste the officially filled shallow pizza will have the opportunity to eat and evaluate its pizza and try new toppings and textures.

Pizza Hut UK & Europe Chief Brand Officer Amelia Ripa said: “We are very proud of our pizza here at Pizza Hut Delivery and we always strive to provide the best taste for our customers.”

Pizza Hut pays £5,000 to eat pizza - how to apply

That’s why we hire a Chief Crust Teaser to make sure every stuffed crust pizza is tried and tested by an experienced stuffed crust fan. We invite pizza fanatics across Great Britain to apply for this role and join us to help create the best-tasting pizza.”

So, if you think you know your pepperoni from your meat party, Pizza Hut encourages you to apply and prove yourself superior to others. Even better, the preferred stock pays 5,000 – not bad for eating some food, right?

Fresh and melted chipped garlic buttered crust or strong and fleshy paprika and cheese stuffed crust, both combine in the menu of Pizza Hut Delivery for a limited time only. Customers can enjoy the famous, original stuffed crust pizza – even now Caesar – for a piece that is absolutely delicious.

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