Playable Video Email Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $49.00


Playable Video Email Review: Playable works in conjunction with your preferred ESP to enable you to quickly and easily add a short video clip to your email. Playable video emails work on all devices, all connection types and all email clients. In A/B split tests video email outperforms static image versions by 3-5x in response terms, and upto 8x in engagement as measured by time on site post click.

Playable works seamlessly with Oracle Bronto Email Message Editor and Template Messages, so whether you prefer to create your template within Bronto, or upload your HTML, embedding Video within your Bronto messages is easy.

Buy Playable Video Email Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Playable Video Email

  • Pull in video content from YouTube and other premium online video platforms
  • Device and email client detection to deliver the optimal version of the video for seamless playback
  • Detects time zone and local time of the viewer, at the moment of open — contextual information to be used to deliver the most relevant content.
  • Native audio is compatible with Apple iPhone, Apple iPad and Apple Mail

Playable Video Email Review & Lifetime Deal – Video Email Marketing

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We have not tested this software This post only contains deal details and not a review. If you are interested in seeing deals that we have reviewed, then visit this page. Table of Contents What is Playable Video Email lifetime deal? Playable Video Email features Playable Video Email Lifetime Deal

Playable Video Email features

Quickly embed top-quality autoplay videos which are compatible with many inboxes in your mail campaignsAutomatically maximize your video content on the best format to each viewer without coding requiredAlternative for: Movable InkBest for: Email marketers seeking to jazz up their viewer’s inboxes with special video content back to menu ↑

The key features of the Mailchimp and Playable integration are:

  • Use any type of video for your video email – All video formats can be used including links to videos on YouTube & Vimeo, or drag a video file from your computer. If you have no video, simply select from the millions of stock videos within Playable.
  • Once imported, create a 10 second edit of your video, using the WISYWIG editor, it is this edited clip which will be embedded in your Mailchimp email campaign.
  • Drive response and Engagement – Add Call to Actions, captions, a landing page URL’s and end cards to your edited video clip. These enhancements consistently deliver response and engagement rates over 3x those of static image email campaigns.
  • Simple point and click process – Embedding your video clip into your Mailchimp campaigns is as simple as a few point and clicks, no need to dive into the HTML. Playable is fully compatible with the Mailchimp template designer.
  • Real Time Optimisation and Reporting – Monitor how your Video Email is performing and how your audiences are engaging with deep analytics & video email specific reporting, including real time A.I. driven content optimisation.
  • Works across all email clients. Playable reaches 98% of email clients with Autoplay video at the moment the recipient opens the email. The 2% who are unable to receive video (older versions of Windows Microsoft Outlook on desktop) are shown a static image, selected by the user, with a CTA to view the video on line.

Get Appsumo Playable Video Email  in the Deal for $49.00

Playable Lifetime Deal: Video Email Marketing Tool

Easily embed high-quality autoplay videos that are easily compatible with almost all the inboxes in your email campaigns. An alternative tool to movable links. Optimize your email content automatically. No coding required. The best tool for email marketers to jazz up their audience’s inboxes with unique video content. Ember high-quality videos directly in the campaigns. You can upload the video file directly from your computer or copy and paste a URL. You can also import your videos from social media platforms like  YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok! It also supports video duration for about  30 seconds. You can also optimize the video format. Generates an Embed Code that contains your video email content. Send the video of each format easily. Easily design and test how the email looks like in other screen preferences. You can also choose millions of photos and videos from Shutterstock. Videos will play in 98% of the inboxes. You can easily stack up to 3 codes. It also works as a plugin on all the email platforms. Rapid pre-delivery of video’s first frame. 1 User. 10 videos per month. 1000 plays per month. Playable branding. Maximize awareness and ROI of your videos. Optimize your audience engagement. Boost Revenue. Integrate with all the email platforms like Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Salesforce, Get response, and more.

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