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Product OS Pitchground: Product OS is a complete Notion workspace for product and tech teams. Replaces Jira, Trello, ProductBoard, your current Notion State-of-the-art product management methods ⏱ Saves you weeks of Notion settings.

  • Included
  • OKR Management
  • Anyone can submit Ideas & Problems
  • Epics Management
  • Sprints & Backlog
  • Elegant Team’s Homepage
  • Many tips on how to do stuff: How to create OKR, Why roadmaps are dangerous, and How many bug tickets should be added in a sprint.

Click Here to Buy Product OS Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $65

Product OS Pitchground

What buyers think
I’m currently setting up my Notion space to welcome the team. While wondering how to configure the best tool possible, I found out about “Product OS”: a pre-made Notion’s template for sale. If your team runs on Notion, it’s an 80€ buy that makes a lot of sense.
— Olivier Courtois
10y+ in the product, co-founder of uku. wtf, ex-VP Product @comet, Product Director @ManoMano.
I found my current job thanks to one of the templates in it
— Dounia Boulaakoul, Product Manager, Shipup
Very Extensive! Strong toolbox
— Gauthier Thubert, Product Manager, papernest
This is awesome! So much more fun to use than Jira
— Jérôme Vobmann, Co-founder, Coach Zola ex-Product Manager, LegalStart
Product Management is hard.
Thousand tools

Many stakeholders

Information everywhere …nobody knows where to find it

The notion is a game changer.
Finally, a tool to rule them all!

Now the whole company has access to everything.

But without a strong structure, it gets messy fast
After a couple of years of iterating on this, I finally built the perfect workspace 🙂
The one that:

  • Aligns everyone
  • Allows easy customization
  • Organizes the mess

+50 companies and learners have chosen Product OS

Click Here to Buy Product OS Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $65

— Well done
Yann Alexandre Petretti, Building Notion in EMEA
Who is it for?
Product & tech teams
(up to 75 people)

CPO, PM, Lead Developer…
Individuals who want to learn about Product Management
(The workspace is full of examples and tips)

Popular use cases
Off-the-shelf workspace

→ Switch from Jira!

Inspiration for your workspace

→ Pick what you need

Learning best practices

→ Prepare for a future job in product management

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