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Publist Review: Publist is an interesting service as it lets you manage other clouds, while also offering space of its own. Whether it works is another question, though, and we come down with a hard “kinda.” Read our full Publist review for all the details on this new service.

Publist is a different kind of service, compared to what we normally review in our cloud storage and backup sections. It sets out to improve collaboration, make sharing files easy, prevent the loss of data due to hardware malfunctions, and help clear space on your hard-drive by moving files to the cloud.

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Publist Review

Publist Cloud Storage

Unlike standard cloud storage services, Publist doesn’t have a desktop application that would enable you to sync files to the cloud. It is coming though, according to Publist’s roadmap. The same goes for Publist’s Android and iOS apps, which are missing at the moment.

Publist Introduction: Everything you need to know

With an increase in the usage of several files, pdfs, documents and various other folders saving in our Drives and inside dozens of different cloud and desktop apps every day, it has also started seemingly to get more difficult to stay organized and structured.

Publist Review Conclusion

Publist is a great app to have in your tools arsenal. It’s a must-have app to increase your productivity and not waste any time from jumping around tons of different apps to find the files you need every single time.

PitchGround Publist Discount

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Publist Lifetime Deal

What if you could have one file manager for all your apps and all the thousands of files that are spreaded across all your computer folders and apps? Publist allows you to unify all your data in one place, so you’ll never have to spend time looking for missing files again. Discover all features included in the Publist Lifetime Deal below.

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