PushAssist Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $45.00


PushAssist Review: PushAssist is a user engagement and retention platform which uses web push to target users with real-time notifications for higher engagement and lead conversions. PushAssist customers are converting up to 25% of their site traffic into subscribers on both desktop and mobile devices. It helps sites/stores segment their subscribers as per their defined rules plus it also segments them automatically based on geo-location, devices and more. PushAssist supports both HTTP & HTTPS sites.

PushAssist Review

PushAssist for Digital Marketers :-

On the E-commerce platform we get so many traffics from different types of sources which are unknown to us. It is important to know from which source you get the traffic to target your customers. PushAssist provides a complete package to digital marketers to solve these challenges.

Push Notification Software Features

    • A/B Testing
    • Analytics (Social Media)
    • Visitor Segementation
    • Push Automation
    • Mobile Notification
    • Web Notification
    • Visual Notification
    • Multi-channel Messaging
    • Notification Scheduling
    • Targeted Notification

PushAssist is your one-stop solution to engage your customers and send push notifications even when they’re not browsing your website or store.

Push notifications support Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers.

With PushAssist, you can send personalized, real-time, compelling messages based on user interest zones.

Keep informing them by directing them to the desired webpage with an actionable message.

Push notifications can dramatically accelerate your business growth. Whether your aim is to drive traffic, boost conversion, or both, you can achieve all your website objectives without any mobile app, lead generation form, or landing page.

Get Appsumo PushAssist in the Deal for $45.00

Web push notifications for mobile and desktop help you build loyal customers, boost engagement, and drive traffic by re-engaging dormant users.

Most of the traffic comes from unknown users. Unmasking these users and understanding their behavior traits is a huge challenge, but PushAssist offers a complete package to help digital marketers overcome such challenges.

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