PWAforWP Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $59.00


PWAforWP Review: PWA for WP is a free plugin that allows you to make your WordPress website or blog progressive web application compatible. It optimizes the site for you all automatically so you won’t have to do anything. It also adds important features like custom “add to home screen” trigger, push notifications, native UX, and cache expire settings.PWA for WP is actively developed so you can expect new features coming down the way soon.


PWAs load extremely fast because of pre-caching. The plugin creates a cache file for the number of posts you select and this helps the app load super fast and even without internet. To activate pre-caching, go to the PWA plugin settings and click on PreCaching settings. Here select automatic, enter the post count, and click on the Save button. That’s it! – your website will now show an “add to home screen button” when a user visits it from a smartphone. You can now serve your website as a progressive web application.

But PWAforWP Lifetime Deal for $59.00

PWAforWP Review & Lifetime Deal – PWA Solution for WP

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PWAforWP lifetime deal

It’s a lifetime deal of PWAforWP which is a WordPress plugin that generates an app-like shortcut for your WordPress site, giving users access from both Android and iOS mobile devices. Add your review back to menu

PWAforWP Features

Full AMP Compatibility

AMP has been a priority since the day one of the development cycle of PWA.

Offline Support

The website will be available to view even when user is offline, with analytics support.

Service Worker

Helps you take advantage of the background process managers of modern browsers.

Native Mobile UX

You can modify the App icon, Splash screen and even the full screen experience.

Add to HomeScreen

Reach directly to a person’s Installed Apps list (HomeScreen) in Phone.

Continuous Development

We will be working hard to continuously develop this solution and release updates constantly.

Get Appsumo PWAforWP in the Deal for $59.00

Developing an app is a big undertaking, and most times that money is better spent elsewhere.Your home screen homecoming is here to get you the repeat visitors you deserve. PWAforWP lets you bypass all of the hard parts of app development and maintenance to get your site on home screens in record time.

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