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Quokka Review:  A contemporary performance and a clear critique of culture, Quokka Apocalypse kept us entertained from start to finish. With simple costumes and set design, the up-and-coming actors made the best of the night, landing a plethora of laughs and “Oooo’s” from the captive audience.

It was “impossible” not to fall in love with the cutesy cast: the tennis-star hating Quokka; the bad-ass, no-love possum; and the slightly insecure Australian Painted Snipe you’ve most-likely never heard of. The performance was touching, tugging at just the right heartstrings to make you empathize with the protagonists. But you know what they say, a hero is someone who is sensitive to the needs of the time – and maybe just for that night, they won us over.

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Quokka Review

Quokka Rechargeable Headlamp Review

Knog Quokka is a unique looking rechargeable LED headlamp ($25) with red and white lightning modes including a spot and wide beam. Ideal for camping and backpacking, it’s comes with a simple and comfortable silicone headband and has an integrated USB plug that eliminates the need for recharging wires. Knog is an Australian product design business cofounded by a designer and engineer who set out to make “unboring” products, including cycling lights, locks, bells, and headlamps. The Quokka is most definitely not boring, but it does have a few limitations compared with more powerful and expensive headlamps.

Meet the Quokkas

Quokkas are nocturnal marsupials. They’re some of the smallest members of the macropod family, which also includes kangaroos and wallabies. The quokka clan makes its home in swamps and scrublands, tunneling through the brush to create shelters and hideouts and emerging at night to find food.

Quokka Apocalypse this Fringe World season, before it’s over!

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What Is a Quokka? 15 Facts About the “Happiest” Creature on Earth

When National Geographic deems an animal “the happiest on earth, ” you take note. And sure enough, the smiling, teddy-bear sized marsupials known as quokkas get that name for good reason. While you can’t have a quokka as a pet, you can find plenty of swoon-worthy photos of them online, or even take a trip to visit them on their native island (which they’ve practically infested with cuteness). Sure, this adorable species may be fairly unknown to most of the world—but, frankly speaking, it deserves all the attention.

Quokkas can have anywhere from 15 to 17 babies.

These warm-blooded little guys only give birth to one baby at a time, but baby quokkas mature quickly, so full-grown quokkas can give birth twice per year. In a 10-year lifespan (that’s the average), they might produce anywhere from 15 to 17 babies.

They like to hang out in packs.

Where there’s one quokka, there’s likely more. These guys are social with their kind, and tend to be peaceful among one another. Unlike some other mammals, they do not typically fight over food or mates.

Quokkas can swim.

Though it’s not their first choice, quokkas are more than capable in the water. Their main habitat is on land, though, and they tend to spend most of their time in trees and shrubs. Plus, their native island can go months without rainfall, so they’re used to dry land.

Quokkas are protected by the World Wildlife Foundation.

Quokkas are considered vulnerable to extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. The species has lost 50 percent of its habitat in the past 200 years on the mainland, according to a 2014 study led by John Woinarski of Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, or CSIRO.


Quokkas are herbivores who primarily feed at night, meaning they are mainly nocturnal. They eat the leaves, stems, and bark of many plants in addition to grass. If necessary, they can survive for long periods of time without food or water by living off the fat stored in their tails.

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50 Quokka Facts: Smiling, Baby-Flinging, Selfie Kings!

Looking to learn about some adorable little mammals? You’re in the right place! In this post, we’ll tell you everything you want to know about quokkas; habitat, diet, why they smile, and how to take the perfect selfie.

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