Quuu Promote Review:Lifetime Appsumo Deal For $49.00


Quuu Promote Review: Quuu is a content curation service that helps business owners schedule content for their social media campaigns. Quuu users can enter a few of their audiences’ interests, choose the frequency of posting, and decide whether they want Quuu to post automatically or after manual approval. Think of this like HootSuite with better content recommendations. All content is hand-reviewed by Quuu’s team (it actually is).

By using Quuu Promote, you can increase the traffic to your blog. An audience with a genuine interest in your promotion shares your content. Our guided content promotion process helps you to optimize for maximum click potential before it’s shared. Real people with a genuine interest in your content share it across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Quuu Promote Review

We Promoted 170 Blog Posts on Quuu Promote, Here’s What We Learned

We take our content promotion strategy seriously and one of the tools we use to get our content out to the masses is Quuu Promote. Over the last couple of years, we’ve promoted 170 blog posts through their platform which, combined, have earned us 71, 532 shares and 43, 066 clicks through to our content. We’ve taken the time now to thoroughly review and analyze all of our results so we can share with you how we use Quuu Promote to drive more traffic to our site.

Why We Use Quuu Promote

We first started using Quuu Promote as a content promotion method to add to our growing arsenal because, as the saying goes, you should spend more time promoting your content than you do writing it. To operate somewhat by that saying, we needed to spend more time promoting our content and Quuu Promote seemed like a great way to promote posts once but get as many eyes on them as possible.

Quuu Promote Results

After comparing the Quuu Promote posts with long captions versus the ones with short captions, the results ended up being the same. On average, our posts with long captions received slightly fewer shares and clicks than posts with shorter, snappier captions. This indicates to us that, in general, punchy and to-the-point captions are something to aim for when promoting via Quuu Promote. That being said, since the posts are being promoted on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn the captions can only be so long. Twitter, for example only allows for 280 characters per post.

Monthly plans to Quuu Promote

When we launched Quuu Promote back in January 2016, we had it set up so that users could choose to pay for one-off promotions of their content within the Quuu content library. Why did we start it that way rather than charging users to pay monthly…

Quuu Promote vs The Big Three

So I wanted to run an ad campaign across the three major ad networks (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn) and compare the results to using Quuu Promote. We have chosen to promote a post from our blog entitled: “How to create a content marketing..

Quuu Review

As a tool that gained a lot of traction in the past year, we decided to take a closer look and try it out. If you are interested in learning how does this platform work and what we think about it, we invite you to read the rest of our Quuu review.

Quuu pricing plans

The rest of the article will concentrate on the standalone feature called Quuu promote as it is fairly unique and something we had the opportunity to test extensively.

Pros and cons of Quuu Promote

This is obviously the largest benefit of this feature. Your content will be seen by people who chose to see suggestions from your niche and they will share it with their followers who are obviously also interested in your industry – it doesn’t get much better and targeted than that!

Get Appsumo Quuu Promote in Deal For $49.00

Quuu Promote pricing plans

Quuu and Quuu Promote have separate pricing plans. This section will cover Quuu promote pricing plans while plans for Quuu itself can be found in its corresponding section near the beginning of the post. Besides that, you’re also able to create a custom plan that gets adjusted to your actual needs. And that’s cool – we all like products and services that can be personalized and adapted to our business’ needs.

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