Railway Hero Mayur Shelke gifted a new Jawa 42 bike by company


Jawa Bullet gift to Mayur Shelke: The Jawa motorcycles company has presented a Bullet to Mayur Shelke, a railway employee who cleverly saved a child who fell on a railway track.

Mayur Shelke has been working as Points Man on Mumbai Central Railway. On April 17, while he was working at the Wangini railway station, a child picked up by a blind woman suddenly fell on the tracks. A short distance away an express train was speeding by. Mayur Shelke, who did not delay for a second, immediately ran fast and saved the child and defended himself.

Railway Hero Mayur Shelke gifted a new Jawa 42 Bullet by bike company

The venture, which risked his life, was revealed to the outside world on April 20 by CCTV footage posted there. The video went viral on the Internet, with many praising Mayur Shelke’s actions. Central Railway Minister Piyush Goyal also lauded Shelke’s heroic deed and the interest he showed in his work. Following this, Shelke was honored with an incentive of Rs 50,000 on behalf of the railways where he works.

Mayur Shelke once again proved his humanitarian work. That is, he announced that half of the 50,000 rupees given to him on behalf of the railways would be given to the family of the child who fell on the tracks and was saved.

His friendly act was well received all over India. In this case, the Jawa company has given Mayur Shelke a bullet as a gift in appreciation of his work. Jawa is proud of his courage. Anupam Tareja took to Twitter to say that the Jawa family owes a debt of gratitude to pointsman Mayur Shelke.

Anupam Tareja said that he was proud of his heroic deed and was proud of his heroic deed. Mayur Shelke’s action amazes onlookers in an environment where a child’s life could not have been saved even if it had been delayed for a moment. The Indian Railways has also shared this video on its Twitter page.

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