Rakuten Monkeys vs Chinatrust Brothers Baseball Dream 11 Prediction


RM vs CTB : In Chinese Taipei CPBL 2020, Rakuten Monkeys holds the first position in the league standings. In the total of 28 matches participated, RM has succeeded in 18 matches and defeated in 10 matches. RM has managed to score 0.643 as winning percentage. RM has recently faced off against CTB, in which RM has lost the game with the score of 10-5 goals. Previous to this match, RM has played against Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions, in which UL has scored 8 goals, while RM has managed to score 9 goals, which ended in a victory for RM. The stats of RM in the recent matches are W L W L. RM, being at the top of the table, should not risk taking anymore losses in the future matches.

Chinatrust Brothers has been placed at the top second position in the Chinese Taipei CPBL 2020. CTB has taken part in the total of 30 matches, out of which CTB has faced victories in 15 matches and faced failures in 15 matches. CTB has managed to score 0.5 as winning percentage. In the last match, CTB has matched up against RM, in which CTB has won the match by scoring twice as the opponent, while RM has struggled to score only 5 goals. CTB has earlier played against Fubon Guardians, in which CTB has scored two goals, while FBG has managed to score four goals, which ended in a defeat for CTB. The path of CTB in the recent games is W W L W. CTB should continue to stay on this winning streak, which would help them in moving to the top of the table.


Rakuten Monkeys vs Chinatrust Brothers Team News

Rakuten Monkeys

  • Chen Chen-Wei
  • Lan Yin-Lun
  • Lin Li
  • Lin Chih-Ping
  • Liao Chien-Fu

Chinatrust Brothers

  • Chang Chih-Hao
  • Chan Tzu-Hsien
  • Wang Wei-Chen
  • Su Wei-Ta
  • Chiang Kun-Yu

Rakuten Monkeys vs Chinatrust Brothers – Team Squad

Rakuten Monkeys:

Chen Chen-Wei, Lan Yin-Lun, Cheng Chin, Yu Te-Lung, Chan Chih-Yao, Lin Li, Lin Chih-Ping, Chu Yu-Hsien, Chen Chun-Hsiu, Kuo Yen-Wen, Lin Cheng-Fei, Liang chia Jung, Feng Chien-Ting, Yeh Chu-Hsuan, Kuo Yung-Wei, Ryan Carpenter, Lisalverto Bonilla, Justin Nicolino, Wang Yao-Lin, Elih Villanueva, Wang Yi-Cheng, Liu Yu-Yen, Chen Yu-Hsun, Su Chun-Chang, Hung Sheng-Chin, Weng Wei-Chun, Yu Chao-Wei, Huang Tzu-Peng, Wu Cheng-Che, Chiang Kuo-Chien, Lin Po-Yu, Lin Yi-Hsiang, Liao Chien-Fu, Lin Hung-Yu, Yen Hung-Chun, Liu Shih-Hao

Chinatrust Brothers:

Chang Chih-Hao, Chan Tzu-Hsien, Chen Tzu-Hao, Chou Szu-Chi, Chen Wen-Chieh, Lin Shu-Yi, Su Wei-Ta, Wang Wei-Chen, Chiang Kun-Yu, Yueh Tung-Hua, Lin Chih-Sheng, Wu Tung-Jung, Tu Chia-Ming, Hsu Chi-Hung, Pan Chih-Fang, Ariel Miranda, Jose De-Paula, Huang En-Sih, Esmil Rogers, Mitch Lively, Chen Po-Hao, Tsai Chi-Che, Kuan Ta-Yuan, Wang Kai-Cheng, Wu Chun-Wei, Cheng Kai-Wen-Sr, Hsieh Jung-Hao, Liao Yi-Chung, Lee Chen-chang, Peng Shih-Ying, Chou Lei, Chen Chia-Chu, Kao Yu-Chieh, Huang Chun-Sheng

Rakuten Monkeys vs Chinatrust Brothers – Probable Playing 9

Rakuten Monkeys: 

Cheng Chin, Chu Yu-Hsien, Lin Li, Lin Cheng-Fei, Kuo Yen-Wen, Ryan Carpenter, Lin Hung-Yu, Chen Chun-Hsiu, Chen Chen-Wei, Lan Yin-Lun

Chinatrust Brothers:

 Wang Wei-Chen, Chang Chih-Hao, Liao Yi-Chung, Chen Tzu-Hao, Chiang Kun-Yu, Su Wei-Ta, Wu Tung-Jung, Chen Tzu-Hao, José de Paula, Chan Tzu-Hsien

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