PitchGround Deal: RateMe.Link PitchGround Lifetime Deal at $49


RateMe.Link PitchGround: We know having positive reviews on the internet today is very important for any business but collecting them is indeed a difficult task. And if you reach that high positive reviews mark it will immediately make your brand and business look more credible.

Every business wants to get a positive review everywhere and especially on the public review sites. If your business is also a part of multiple public review sites then it is extremely essential for your business to reach that 5 Star mark.

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Gather unlimited customer feedback and multiply your online reviews on multiple review platforms from satisfied customers just using a single Rateme link. It could be on Google, Trustpilot, and on any other public review site of your choice.

RateMe.Link PitchGround
RateMe.Link PitchGround

This is the 5-stars rating page to safely invite customers to get better feedback and reviews for your business. A simple and affordable way to get more positive online reviews from happy customers. You can also detect dissatisfaction before bad reviews happen.

RateMe.Link PitchGround Benefits

  • Get a Straightforward, zero-friction, and user-friendly rating process.
  • You don’t need to own a website
  • Get instant feedback notifications
  • A feedback dashboard to keep track of ratings and reviews
  • Learn immediately about Negative reviews and connect with the user to convert them to positive reviews
  • Works with any review site that takes public reviews

Click here to buy RateMe.Link PitchGround Lifetime Deal at $49

Customers and search engines prefer businesses with more and fresher reviews. And with many positive reviews coming from happy customers will help you up to your average rating and prove the credibility of your business.

That’s the starting point of a smart rating process, guiding your happy customers to constantly leave you more reviews on any review site relevant to you.

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