Shri Hanuman Jayanthi Bajraang Baan


Hanuman Jayanthi, a Hindu religious festival celebrated on different dates in different parts of India. It is widely observed on the month of Vaishakha or Chaitra Pournimaa in many parts of India and Nepal.  While in Tamilnadu and in Kerala, it falls on December (Dhanu month). Hanuman, God for Protection and Victory against evil, is a serious admirer of Rama. Hanuman, the name itself gives the energy and power, Birth of Hanuman (Hanuman janmotsava) is an important and biggest festival celebrated in India.

On this auspicious day, people carry on special poojas, bhajans in temples. Also people observe fastings and read Hanuman Chalisa, Shrimad Bhagavat Gita and many other Hanuman related songs in groups at homes. People believe on prayers which help to overcome this pandemic and other difficult  crisis in their day to day life.

Hanuman Jayanthi Thithi

Hanuman Jayanthi observed on full moon day of Chaitra month and this year it will be celebrated on Tuesday 27,April 2021.

Hanuman Mantra

People can watch the songs for Shri Bhagwan Hanuman Ji’s Bajraang Baan by Singer Hariharan or powerful Hanuman Mantra for 108 times.

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