Relaythat Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal


Relaythat Review: RelayThat is a tool that instantly generate thousands of beautiful and usable images with a click. Unlike other design tools, where you need to manually drag-and-drop your own designs (and make some bad design decisions) or pay for some of the prettier designs (like Canva), RelayThat does all that for you.

If there was a tool to compare RelayThat to, you need to compare it with Canva. Canva is the leading online design tool for banners, posters, images, brochures and many others. I even designed the first version of my WPStarters name card with Canva.

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Relaythat Review

Feature Overview – AppSumo Deal

As mentioned above, this application just popped up on AppSumo for a limited time and includes the Pro plan. And it is available for  a one-time price of $49. This gives you a lifetime license! No further charges!Outside of this deal, the Pro plan is $97 per month. Ouch! Not something I would pay for. As you see from the chart below, the only difference between the Standard and the Pro is the amount of projects with Standard allowing only 5 total. If you have multiple brands that you are building OR you are intending to use with clients, the Pro package is a must.$100/month or $49 one-time? Easy answer.

Relaythat Review

  • Create images quickly
  • Graphics look GREAT!
  • Easy resizing for blog, social media, infographics, etc.
  • Consistent branding made easy
  • Tons of images and icons (350,000+), layouts, 2000+ SmartLayouts
  • Also business cards, infographics, digital device mockups, etc.
  • Time saver!
  • There is a roadmap for future development available

Buy AppSumo Relaythat Lifetime Deal for $49!

As mentioned above, though I will still take time to custom design my important images, RelayThat will save me literally hours in the mornings preparing other graphics for the web. In addition, it will allow me to create MORE unique graphics for social engagement so be on the lookout for things like quotes, infographics, collages, etc. Exciting!

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