RelayThat Review: AppSumo Lifetime Deal


RelayThat Review: As a business owner, time is of the essence, especially when it comes to creating social media graphics to promote my content. While I have extensive design expertise, I used to design these graphics from scratch for my social media use. Lately, I’ve been trying to focus on working smarter, and RelayThat allows me to create branded images rapidly. Sure, I still have a bias toward fully custom graphics that I designed myself, but my business would not be able to grow if I didn’t streamline processes such as these. RelayThat has a great selection of design templates, as well as the ability to add custom typography. Support was quite responsive when I reached out as well.

For someone who didn’t have a design bone in my body, RelayThat gave me design superpowers like no other! I can now confidently turn around a set of professional looking social media images super quickly. All I have to do is upload a few images, choose a few colors and a few headlines and then get to pick from hundreds of options that RelayThat throws at me. This tool has allowed me to be more self-sufficient for my work needs and I love it.

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RelayThat Review: The Introduction

RelayThat is a tool that instantly generate thousands of beautiful and usable images with a click. Unlike other design tools, where you need to manually drag-and-drop your own designs (and make some bad design decisions) or pay for some of the prettier designs (like Canva), RelayThat does all that for you. If you noticed, my recent blog posts has better featured images. And true enough, the Rocketium Review article as well as the article on Cheap Web Designs had great traction, thanks to the beautiful instant banners generated by RelayThat.

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RelayThat Review: RelayThat vs Canva

If there was a tool to compare RelayThat to, you need to compare it with Canva. Canva is the leading online design tool for banners, posters, images, brochures and many others. I even designed the first version of my WPStarters name card with Canva. With Canva, you get this option with the Canva for Work plan, which goes at $12.95/month for each individual team member. RelayThat however, starts at a much pricier $97/month for each person, but adds the ability to create unlimited design options.

RelayThat Review Conclusion

As mentioned above, though I will still take time to custom design my important images, RelayThat will save me literally hours in the mornings preparing other graphics for the web. In addition, it will allow me to create MORE unique graphics for social engagement so be on the lookout for things like quotes, infographics, collages, etc. Exciting! It is currently being offered on AppSumo for a limited, one-time price of $49 for a lifetime license. One time! Sure beats $97/month right?

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