Reliance Industry to give 5 years full salary for the family of employees who died of covid


Reliance Industries (RIL) has said that it will continue to provide salaries for five years to the nominee of employees who succumbed to the disease and the tuition fees of their children.

The second wave of the coronavirus is causing the biggest damage in India. Recovering the corona from the second wave has been the biggest challenge. The government and the companies they work for have been providing various assistance to corona victims. In that regard, Reliance has announced various welfare schemes for the families of the victims.

Reliance Industry to give 5 years full salary for the family of employees who died of covid

In a statement, Reliance said, “The loss of everyone in our Reliance family is irreparable. Which can severely affect our collective conscience. Nothing can compensate for the loss of our loved ones. We have a duty to help everyone with the strength of our faith alone in these tough times.

Reliance is supporting the family of our employees who lost their lives due to Covid-19 at this tragic time. Reliance further said that under the ‘Reliance Family Support and Welfare Scheme’, it would fully fund tuition fees, hostel accommodation and books of all the children of the employee, up to bachelors degree at any institute in India.

The full medical expenses for the wife, parents and children will be paid until the child of the deceased employee completes his bachelor’s degree.

“Dear colleague… We have come together thus far for precisely on the strength of our solidarity as One Team and with the Ownership Mindset that will keep this adversity until we win,” the statement added.

In addition, a total of Rs 10 lakh will be provided by the Reliance Trust to the families of non-paid employees who die.

Reliance employees, do not think that you are alone during this difficult time. The entire Reliance company supports each and every one of you.”

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