Revyu Pitchground Lifetime Deal Available for $49


Revyu Pitchground: Customer feedback is essential for any business, but it’s hard to get and manage.  Not getting customer feedback is a death sentence for your business. You’re leaving money on the table and don’t even know it.

PitchGround Presents – Revyu

Revyu is the solution to your customer feedback problems.

Its unique AI-powered app makes it easy to get customer feedback and turn it into actionable insights.

Click Here to Buy Revyu Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $49

Revyu Pitchground

Unlimited Review Imports:

All Shopify owners know just how important reviews are. So we offer unlimited review imports to help YOU convert your visitors into customers.

Auto Generation by AI:

Revyu makes the process of leaving reviews MUCH easier for your customers. Just select a few keywords, and Revyu’s AI generates unique reviews. You may even add your very own reviews tailored by Revyu’s AI.

Smart Date Fixer:

Do you spend hours updating dates on older reviews to ensure all your latest ones are on the top? Not anymore! Let our state-of-the-art AI date fixer do it for you in just a click.

The Perfect Partner For Your Shopify Store:

A complete review app that helps you manage customer reviews with ease. With unlimited review imports, 200 email requests per month, and rich SEO snippets, Revyu is nothing short of dropshipping haven!

Popup Reviews:

If you don’t have a ‘Sold out’ sign for your products, the product is doing its job—pop-up reviews to keep your customers engaged with your page.

Review widget that Converts:

Add Revyu’s Review Widget and PopUp Widget on your product page and quickly get higher conversion rates! With Revyu’s powerful theme editor and stunning pre-built themes, you’ll never have to compromise on your branding

Attract the Customers:

With quick review generation using AI, the customers no longer have to write long sentences. This will make your customers fall in love with your product and your store.

Hassle-Free Imports:

No longer would you have to import reviews from AliExpress that have outdated entries and broken grammar. Set your filters for your very own review section.

Review Request Emails:

Stay ahead of the curve with 200 review request emails per month. We want you to get the feedback you deserve from your customers.

Click Here to Buy Revyu Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $49

Rich SEO Snippets:

Get more visibility on the search engine results page with rich SEO snippets and a high click-through rate.

Customizable Themes:

How about customizing your review segment with the theme of your store. Your reviews would be just as appealing as your business.

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