Rezi Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $29.00


Rezi Review: Rezi is an AI-powered resume builder that lets you quickly create optimized, ATS-friendly resumes and cover letters tailored to specific job descriptions.

With Rezi, you’ll be able to create the perfect, optimized resume that lands you the interview. This AI-powered platform identifies common content errors, like missing bullet points, buzzwords and more, with real-time analysis feedback.

Buy Rezi Lifetime Deal for $29.00

Rezi Review

Rezi tailors your resume for the job you want, getting your CV past a company’s hiring system and into the right (human) hands. Just paste the job description for the role you’re targeting and the tool will tell you exactly which keywords to use by comparing your resume to the job posting.

Your CV should be visually appealing and include all the relevant information, but without being too long. Or too short. No pressure, though. Good news you can start with one of Rezi’s professionally-designed templates and customize it to get the look you want.

Get real-time content analysis to correct common resume errors as you write

Automatically review your resume across 23 criteria points – translating the result into a pass or fail score rated from 1 – 100

Optimize resume keywords, target specific job postings, and save unlimited versions of your resume and cover letter

Get Appsumo Rezi in the Deal for $29.00

Plus, you’ll get instant format feedback thanks to the Rezi Score, which measures resume completeness to get you that perfect scor. With Rezi, you can also adapt, duplicate, and manage as many versions of your resume and cover letter as you need right in the dashboard.

When applying for roles, it is important to have an ATS-friendly resume that matches the job description. With Rezi’s free resume checker, you will know exactly which skills and resume keywords ATS software is searching for. You can then add these missing items to your resume and improve your chances of being selected for an interview.

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