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210 Review: Sam is a fully integrated all-in-one (1) Sales and Marketing platform. The built in CRM is powered by an AI driven engine which helps generate up to 12x more intelligence for your data right out of the box. With additional outbound marketing capabilities SAM helps to eliminate blind spots in your data to help mitigate the loss of top line revenue while giving your sales reps an all empowering tool to better nurture and interact with their prospects and current clientele.

SAM isn’t always confined to the Observation’s network of cameras. In some parts of the game you can possess guidance spheres: little orb-shaped drones that allow you to fly freely around the station, interacting with things the same way you can with the cameras. Flying takes a bit of getting used to, particularly when it comes to orienting yourself in a place where up and down is an outdated concept. But the spheres are the best way to explore the station, poking around for hidden documents and audio logs that will help fill in some of the blanks of the game’s enigmatic story. But more on that later.

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SAM Pricing Overview

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SAM AI Review & Lifetime Deal – Network Powered Relationship

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 SAM AI lifetime deal

It’s a lifetime deal of SAM AI that is the first network-powered introduction management and relationship platform built in conversational AI. It is your super connector plus helps find hundreds of referrals & warm intros among your trusted circle of contacts & colleagues.

Our Mission

SAM.AI was put together with over 17 years of expertise in app building and digital marketing. We started this company to help address the needs of the very businesses that help our economy. These are the small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) that contribute innovation, employment, and sustain growth in our economy with nearly half of the country’s GDP. With advances in AI, Automation, and Visualization incorporated into SAM – we think we can have a direct impact in helping these small giants win.

Current version of app is unusable (Oct. 2020)

I love SAM AI on my desktop, but this app is 99% non-functional on my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

I trust that the devs will make this app as awesome as the desktop website is, and when they do, my rating will be FIVE STARS.

1. Typing anything at all in the search (no matter what) yields ZERO results of any kind, when the same query on my desktop would give me rich data. The only response it gives me on my phone is that it can’t help me.

2. The UI is clunky. Please refresh your app’s interface and make it more… 2020? HubSpot CRM is doing a good job on my phone, and I want SAM AI to BETTER than HubSpot. PLEASE! I have no way to fully utilize SAM until I can get this app working.

3. Please offer a way to pull in phone contacts, as well as SELECTIVE-sync with professional social networks so I can keep my SAM network well trimm

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SAM AI features

Get a stable stream of referrals and warm intros from people on your network, receiving high response ratesSave days of CRM-related work and data entry with conversational AIAlternative for: Affinity.coBest for: Entrepreneurs, sales teams, and business devs looking to make real connections using their current contacts back to menu ↑

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