Scalify PitchGround Lifetime Deal at $49


Scalify PitchGround: It helps you launch, analyze and scale Facebook and Instagram ads faster with game-changing automation. It is like having an advertising agency manage your ads without the hefty price tag.

Get new prospects to buy and become repeat customers. Scale your business profitably with the Facebook ads automation software. Create multiple ad variations instantly and target top-performing audiences.

Click here to buy Scalify PitchGround Lifetime Deal at $49

  • Test Multiple Ad Creatives – Which offer drives the most conversions? Find out by split testing ad copy, creatives, call-to-action-buttons, descriptions, titles, and links automatically. Create multiple ad variants from scratch and score the winning ad combination that speaks best to your audience’s buyer motivation.
  • Unmatched Scaling System That Pays Fast – Mass create hundreds of untapped lookalike audiences in minutes, expand globally with lookalikes that reach up to 20% of your country’s population, and prevent budget deficit by shifting your ad spend from bad ads to top-performing campaigns.
Scalify PitchGround
Scalify PitchGround
  • Employ Website Actions To Refine Targeting – Create custom conversions automatically to organize your pixel data by prospect behavior, improve your targeting, and attract traffic that is most likely to perform the actions you want.
  • Data Aggregation – Three Data Sources in One Platform. Scalify collects data from your e-commerce store, Google Analytics, and Facebook to provide you with a single source of truth you can rely on. Track KPIs in an easy-to-understand dashboard, get unbiased ROAS data and make the right decision, every time.

Click here to buy Scalify PitchGround Lifetime Deal at $49

  • Pre-built Dashboard Templates – Browse ready-to-use dashboard templates to view your data from different angles, start monitoring various KPIs in an organized way, and customize each template to fit your business needs.

Scalify Benefits

  • Easily Launch Ads That Convert
  • 5x ROAS
  • Increased Productivity
  • High-quality audiences that improve over time
  • Profitable & proactive scaling
  • Automated ad campaign optimization
  • Save 40% of ad spend that is wasted on unprofitable ads
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