SendFox Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal For $49.00


SendFox Review: SendFox is owned by the companySendFox is a product from the Sumo family of companies who also run AppSumo. I use Appsumo to get great deals on things like stock photos, video software and social media marketing tools.

There is no way to add an attachment to an email on SendFox. Originally this was an issue for me as I sometimes like to send freebies to my subscribers and I also used the Convertkit landing pages as a way to deliver my opt-in freebies.

Buy SendFox Lifetime Deal for $49.00

SendFox Review

SendFox, I’m saving over $2000 a year!

There are lots of companies offering email marketing solutions and prices can vary from free (Mailchimp/Mailerlite) to higher end (Convertkit, Aweber). Read on to see my SendFox Review vs Convertkit which is who I moved from.

SendFox can do all of the above and more. For a fraction of the price. I estimate that I will save over $2000 in 2020 alone since switching from Convertkit to Sendfox, with no decrease in income from my email list.

HTML Capability

This is the one thing I miss from Convertkit. I use HTML to format my emails and to add affiliate images to sales campaigns. This is not possible with SendFox at all. You cannot add images to your emails so forget about your cute little logo or footer image.

Simple, easy to use interface.

I am not a huge email marketer. I want to get in, send the email and move onto other tasks. Sendfox is very easy to understand and I was up and running within minutes of transferring my contacts from Convertkit.

SendFox Pricing

With SendFox you purchase stackable codes depending on how many subscribers you have. The price is $49 per 5000 subscribers with no limit. Again this is a lifetime deal so once you purchase the code, you are good unless you go over the limit. You can also continue to buy codes for as long as the deal is live on Appsumo meaning you can grow your list on the cheap.

‘Smart Pages’ on SendFox

SendFox Smart Pages are basically landing pages, and I like them a lot more than the forms you create with them like I showed above. Here’s what the Smart Page editor looks like:

You can see that you can at least customize the formatting with these, unlike the form builder. The ‘Visual’ tab also lets you change the page editor, the colors, and the page image. And the pages it creates actually look good.

Smart Campaigns in SendFox

This is a very nice feature. SendFox can automatically pull the latest posts on your blog and your latest popular social media posts, and send email(s) highlighting them. If you just run an ordinary email list, you may send emails fairly regularly, but also want to have a once a week roundup email where you let your subscribers know what you’ve posted lately on your blog and social media. It’s very handy to be able to have such an email done automatically.

Get Appsumo SendFox in the Deal For $49.00

SendFox Review: Email Marketing for a single $49 Lifetime fee

Review in a hurry: SendFox is a simple email marketing platform for an unbeatable one time price, ideal for artists, authors and small businesses who don’t need a lot of frills beyond basic mailing list automation. While it has its quirks and limitations, it’s still new and therefore safe to expect improvements and new features will be added in the future.

SendFox Features

Here’s the brutal truth: SendFox currently lacks several features that will help it compete with email marketing veterans such as Mailchimp, SendinBlue, or even ConvertKit. From lack of basic email and form templates to font selection to automation triggers, SendFox leaves a lot to be desired.

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