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In this new era of technology we all operate in now, the world is powered by digitization, that is the undeniable truth. In order for us to successfully integrate ourselves in this new modern age, we must adapt to the changes in the market. Therefore, any business must have a digital platform to be able to connect with the world.

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Nowadays, social media platforms have made it very easy for businesses to create a digital presence. In a matter of minutes, we can connect to our customers, suppliers, developers, and the list goes on. Not to mention that for businesses, internationalization has never been easier. But this all is dependent on one factor…the strength of your social media identity.

Most digital marketers understand that it takes time, consistency, effort, and creativity to increase engagement and interaction, two of the most important factors of creating a social media presence. review

But it’s not always easy for entrepreneurs and digital marketers, to supply the time and effort, to find the material for their customers next to all their other business demands. Digital campaigns must abide by the Q-C-C code—high quality and great content in the best context. Therefore, businesses usually fall to marketing agencies for a really high cost to maintain their social media power.

But what if we told you that there is a better solution, a solution so great that it will save up on your business-costs thousands of dollars, provide the consistency and high-quality content for your pages, tailored to the identity you have created and presented to your followers.

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Presenting SendPilot, an AI powered social media manager that will write your campaign posts for you. Most people grow skeptical when they hear that AI would take charge of their work; however, SendPilot understands your tone, the information you would like to share with the world and curates it into posts. It can create campaign postings 12 months in advance, all posts can be reviewed and edited by you, and you have the flexibility to adapt your AI to your needs.

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