SEOPress Review: Black Friday Deal


SEOPress Review : SEOPress, is a beast. I’ve tried them all and I see so many people with issues on here. High chance it’s a plugin you installed, I’ve got pro version install to over 200 websites now and only once I have I had an issue and it was due to a 3rd party plugin which I removed from my stack.

Following the brouhaha over Yoast a year or so ago, you were rather hard on them for the manner in which they handled things. If I remember correctly, you expressed a general distrust in them and recommended switching to SEOPress.

Buy SEOPress Black Friday Deal

SEOPress Review

2019 SEOPress Reviews, Pricing & Popular Alternatives

SEOPress is a simple search engine optimization (SEO) plugin made specifically for WordPress websites. It features content analysis, import and export settings, automatic and manual schemas, breadcrumbs, backlinks, and more. In this article, we cover SEOPress reviews and pricing. Ready to get started? Sign up for free.

SEOPress Pricing

SEOPress pricing is based on two plans: Free ($0) and PRO ($39 per year). The main differences between the plans include annual updates and support as well as access to premium features such as breadcrumbs, 404 monitoring, and WooCommerce integration. Both plans can be used on unlimited websites.

SEOPress plugin features

This plugin allows you to edit .htaccess and Robots.txt files right from your WordPress admin area. SEOPress aims to draw more traffic to your website through higher rankings in web search engines.

The Complete SEOPress Review

If your business is at the top of the search engines, you have the opportunity to gain thousands of dollars in business. Since search engine rankings are so valuable, SEO will be an important practice for continued business success.

Features & Benefits

Before you get worried about how much money you’re going to put out, you should know the free version does a fantastic job. If you do find you need the extras the pro version affords, you can pick the pro version up for $39/year. The good thing about this license is that you can have as many sites using the plugin as you want.

SEOPress Review an Alternative to Yoast

You’ll find hundreds if not thousands of articles and videos on Yoast which is the king of WordPress SEO plugins. So what can this newcomer SEOPress provide you that Yoast can’t? Learn more as we review and go into a detailed Analyze of SEOPress. Before we go into the details of SEOPress, I purchased a license with my money. This website uses SEOPress so you can probably already guess my stance but read below if you want to learn more.

SEOPress for WordPress

One of WordPress’s biggest drawbacks is the lack of SEO out of the box. WordPress does not come with great SEO options built in and so most people need to choose a plugin that works for their budget or wallet. Not surprising the top SEO plugin is Yoast which gets most plugin installs from new websites.

Get Black Friday Deal – SEOPree

SEOPress first impressions

This simple plugin offers so much more than what other competitors offer I can’t find a reason not to use it. It’s just that good, there is too much that this plugin cover.It’s like a swish army knife for SEO and it helps you rank better without trying. So let’s go over each of these options so you can understand what they do and how they work.

The basics of SEO with SEOPress

So almost all SEO programs offer you the ability to customize meta information which is the core of what an SEO plugin should do. Most of these you can edit with the free versions of these tools so this shouldn’t come a surprise.

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