ShopWindow Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $59.00


ShopWindow Review; An eCommerce site could help, but it is so complex, expensive and frustrating… ShopWindow is the solution — the simplicity of your social app and the convenience of an eCommerce site. Keep using your social apps to sell, and ShopWindow enables you to accept secure payment methods and manage your orders.

ShopWindow even helps you with promotion by allowing all sharing methods enabled at once, resulting in free promotion for you. You will have a short internet address, paste it anywhere: In your bio link on Instagram, a conversation in WhatsApp, in a post on Facebook, on your last video on TikTok — the options are endless!

Buy ShopWindow Lifetime Deal for $59.00

ShopWindow Review

Appointments, physical and digital products: You can sell custom designed t-shirts, your new e-book and 30 minute coaching calls!

A simple catalogue you can share anywhere: link in your bio on IG, post on Facebook, & conversation on WhatsApp

Take secure payments, which are more convenient for your customers

Manage your orders and know what your customers do on your profile

The result: with ShopWindow you’ve got 80% of the work done for selling online already! Use your social app to communicate and expose your product or service: posting, sharing, chatting… ShopWindow solves the rest for you: creating your catalogue, secure payments and orders sorted out in seconds!

Can I use it with any social app? Yes! See it by yourself:

• How do I connect it with my social app? Easy: anywhere you can paste a link, you can use ShopWindow. We give you a short link (e.g: you can paste anywhere: bio link on IG, a DM while chatting, a Facebook post, tagging your last TikTok video…

• Will I be able to get everything ready on my own, including payments? Yes!

• Ok, I got an order, how do I know? Our dashboard records them for you + you get an email notification with the details.

• Can I customize the look and feel of my catalogue? Definitely yes, in a very easy way, no tech knowledge needed!

Get Appsumo ShopWindow in the Deal for $59.00

Long story short, ShopWindow gets you ready to sell online, today, doing what you already do everyday!

If you have a product that’s a good fit for our Marketplace, we’d love to hear from you! Apply and submit for a chance to be featured. And if you love a Marketplace deal, please submit a review! This is a powerful way to increase visibility on these deals.

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