Shorby Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal


Shorby Review; The part I don’t like about shorby is that the nature of redirections introduces many potential points of failure between a user clicking the link, and visiting the desired website. Should shorby have problems on the server end for example then all traffic is lost, having a reporting method say via email to confirm down time would help make this key addition to Instagram more controllable.

The heading is single lined and limited to only providing a single explanation of the content. Imagine the user landing on the page looking for retail, is it the main website, is it spam, is it a virus link, will they head away before understand what you have in mind for them to do.

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Shorby Review

Further Detail

Fortunately, you can easily get away these limitations with a tool called Shorby, it optimises your Instagram traffics with links that are clickable, messengers and social networks, a landing page for links to your many different communication and landing pages all rolled up into a simple page. Shorby helps remove the limits forced by upon a user of Instagram.

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What We Like About Shorby

The ability for multiple networks and therefore useful for affiliate marketers. Then it simply makes hyperlink text look more attractive. Normally, website URLs take up a bunch of space.

They’re often unattractive strings of random letters and numbers and can be distracting and aesthetically unpleasing. They also make the reading experience smoother, particularly on social media platforms. In addition, they make it easier for your viewers to share content.

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