Sidekick Ai Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $59.00


Sidekick Ai Review: Sidekick is a smart AI that communicates through email and in-app. Think of sidekick as your very own personal assistant. Sync as many emails and calendars as you wish, this will allow Sidekick to schedule around your calendar, import your contacts, and complete scheduling via email forwarding.

Scheduling meetings can be a pain and a time suck! Sidekick provides a solution to users that allows them to reclaim their time by outsourcing their scheduling processes to an AI assistant.

Buy Sidekick Ai Lifetime Deal For $59.00

Sidekick Ai Review

This allows the user to “buy back” their time, and ensure their schedules are properly maintained, while eliminating human error from the process. The top 3 features of Sidekick are Forward to schedule, Inbound Link, and Availability Management.

Forward to schedule allows users to forward any email that is a meeting request and Sidekick handles the rest! Using ML and NLP, Sidekick gathers all of the relevant data about the meeting request, and then schedules it with all participants.

An inbound link delivers a solution for users to share access with Sidekick via chatbot.Users availability are managed by Sidekick ensuring that meetings cannot be over booked. With Sidekick, you no longer need to spend time scheduling meetings so you have more time to focus on what matters!

  • Fully automated meeting process, with optional controls and approvals
  • At the ready AI powered scheduling assistant across all devices
  • Multiple third party integrations, so your Sidekick is accessible wherever you communicate around meetings

Get Appsumo Sidekick Ai in the Deal for $59.00

Instantly book within the Sidekick Network

Meetings between Sidekick users can be booked instantly. When booking with out of network users, Sidekick will handle the back and forth and notify you of a scheduled meeting or send an alert if any hang-ups occur.

Multiple Ways to Schedule

Forward email meeting requests directly to Sidekick, send contacts to Sidekick with your unique link, ask Sidekick to schedule, and even turn on Auto Scheduling.
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